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Properties and Page Properties Report macros use cases

Anastasia Bek _Stiltsoft_
Marketplace Partner
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February 8, 2023

Hi Community!

When I started to work with Confluence, Page Properties & Page Properties Report (PP & PPR) macros were the ones which I explored the most.

While reading documentation, watching webinars online and trying out things in my confluence spaces, I got curious: What are Atlassian Community members’ use cases for those macros?

Let's discuss how and when you use PP & PPR. I'd love to hear how you and your team boost your confluence content with these advanced confluence macros and what add-ons boost them even more!

Those are my use case examples:

  • Product Requirements & Product Development Blueprints
  • Summary for multiple pages when researching some topic
  • Project-related summaries and their status tracking & update

Do you have similar use cases? Maybe you can share more (creative) ways how to use Page Properties & Page Properties Report?

Thanks kindly and have a good day!

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Andy Gladstone
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 13, 2023

One of my organization's use cases has been for client onboarding. Each new client/partner that we bring onboard goes through a replicated process from application -> approval. We use a home made Confluence page template to kick off each new partner's journey. On that page we have embedded a page properties macro that contains the high level detail about the partner, the stakeholder(s), dates of submission and approval and a status macro. We use the Page Properties Report on the parent page for all partners to display these details to our internal stakeholders. Rather than having to visit each partner page for updates a quick look at the parent page contains all of the details and it is easy to identify which processes are complete, stalled or may need some intervention. I love the simplicity and use. What I don't love is that we started WITHOUT the PPM in place and needed to go back and add it to EVERY.SINGLE.PAGE. Maybe with automation there may be a way to mass update, but at the time this needed to be done, hours were dedicated to the task.

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