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Track component health with expanded scorecard history now available in Compass

Scorecards provide an up-to-date view into the health of a component based on component metrics and attributes. They are a great way to improve operational health across your org’s software. Compass has two built-in scorecards (Component Readiness and DevOps Health), and you can create your own to track the metrics that are important to you.

The initial reception to scorecards has been great; we’ve seen lots of teams spinning up their own scorecards in creative ways. However, it’s been difficult for teams to track their progress in Compass as they make changes to improve the health of their components. Similarly, it’s been difficult for platform teams to get a view of how the scorecards they maintain are driving improved health across the org.

To help solve these problems, Compass now features a wide variety of filterable charts that reveal historical trends about scorecards and criteria, both at the individual component level and zoomed out across your whole organization.

For product teams that own components

On the component page, the Score History chart in the new History tab in the Scorecard drawer tracks your team’s progress improving each scorecard’s score over time.


In addition, Criteria history charts track the status of each criteria that comprises the scorecard over time. For example, has a particular criteria started failing recently? Knowing when it started failing can help you track down the root cause.


For platform teams and scorecard owners

First, you can now filter the charts and statistics on this page. Want to see how a specific set of teams are doing? Filter by team. Wondering if a specific component types needs special attention? Filter by component type.

Second, the scorecard page has been expanded to include several historical charts:

The Daily rollup of scorecard status chart tells you whether the number of passing components is getting better or worse over time.


The Scorecard status history chart reveals how many components have been in a specific status for a long time. For example, you can now see if a lot of components just started failing (indicating a new problem), or if a lot of components have been failing for a long time, which may require a different solution.


Finally, the Criteria history charts let you analyze which criteria contribute to scorecard success and failure over time. Has one criteria suddenly become more difficult to fulfill? Criteria-specific history can reveal that and other insights.

Next up

We’re not done improving scorecards! We’re now working on making scorecard criteria and scorecard application more flexible so you can measure exactly what you want for exactly the components you want to score. We’d love your feedback on what we’re working on, so leave a comment down below if you’d like to set up a call.



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