It’s here! Create components from YAML with config as code!

Hey everyone, Josh here from the Compass product team and I’m REALLY excited to share a highly requested feature: you can now create new components in Compass directly by adding a compass.yaml file to a connected git repository with our config as code feature. Checkout our docs for more information!

If you aren’t taking advantage of it yet, config as code is a way to describe and manage your components using a compass.yaml file that gets added to a git repository. When a component is managed by config as code, it’s catalog information can only be updated by committing changes to the YAML file giving you benefits such as governance over who can make changes and version control of component metadata.

Previously, if you wanted to manage a component using YAML you needed to first create the component in Compass via the UI or API to get a component ID and then add that ID to compass.yaml. Now after configuring the Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab app on your Compass site you can simply commit a new compass.yaml file to any connected repository and it will create the component for you without requiring the ID. Learn more about config as code and how to create components from YAML.

Have a great weekend and happy Compassing!



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