Any one using Jira for requirement traceability?


Hi @Trina Molnar ,

How are you currently managing your requirements?

Do they exist in form of Jira issues of type "requirement"?

Or are you using any additional marketplace application for creating and managing your requirements?

The requirements traceability depends on how are you currently managing your requirements. I will accordingly suggest you the best available options.

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We use Rational Requirements Composer (IBM DOORS). However, we really want to simplify what we have. We want to see if we could create a new issue type and work flow for requirements. Not having to buy an add-on would be nice, however we currently do not have a way to visually see the parent child relationship.


@Trina MolnarSince you have used Doors till now, I would like to know some more details regarding your needs:

  • Do you need functionalities like Baseline, Versioning of requirements?
  • End to end Traceability between various types of requirements, test cases and Jira issues?
  • What is the structure/ format of your requirements? : Are they normal textual? Or do they contain long text with images, etc? OR will they be in document form like word document?
  • How will you be managing your test cases?
  • Will you need reports like requirements dependency reports, requirements coverage reports, baseline reports?
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We use Jira to represent the work, i.e. User Stories, Tests, etc.

We use Confluence to document the requirements for the work. 

Traceability is gathered by using the integration between Jira and Confluence, creating a link to the User Story from Confluence. This creates a single source of truth for the requirements, where if we have another user story that changes the requirement, the Confluence page is updated (and a history of the changes is logged automatically) and then linked to the the new user story. The requirement page may, depending on how many times the requirements change have multiple user stories linked to it.

We use Xray for Test Management, an addon for Jira. Tests are essentially Jira issues, Xray just adds some nice functionality in the form of reports and custom fields. Traceability here is through links, test sets, test executions and test plans. 

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We do the same thing plus use confluence to note every story in a release to produce the release notes. We use TestRail for test suites and unit tests. Between Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira, and TestRail we have a whole audit trail from BRD through release.


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