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how can i view the emails address of bitbucket account holders

Saravanan S March 14, 2019

We have many groups on our organization in that groups that will show only user names. i want view the email id's of that user for removal of user relieving time. 

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AlexV July 13, 2020

Yes, I am surprised by the answer. I have 20-30 mistery users and I can't get their email address via admin ui/portal/or API?

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nekcih May 30, 2023

I was able to get the emails by going to{username}/workspace/settings/user-directory and clicking the export button. This downloads a csv with the email addresses.

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Angelo Evangelista April 13, 2023

Still no good solutions for this, lol. But I've found a dirty workaround to this. Simply use the internal bitbucket site api, since it shares the same bearer token auth method:<YOUR_WORKSPACE>/groups/<GROUP_SLUG>/members

It's a paginated response, so You'll have to handle that. You can also add a query param "fields" to fetch only specifics fields, such as our precious email there

The member will be in the format below:


This is not the best, You know. But we work with what We have :p

Oliver McPheely
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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November 6, 2023

Thank you for this, it's ridiculous that this actually works and it feels more like a bug than a feature but it does at least solve the problem.

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Ryan Hilliker August 12, 2021

It seems Atlassian's interpretation of GDPR is that users of their services are able to maintain complete anonymity via any services that may interact with their API's; whether that's BitBucket, JIRA, or Admin API endpoints. Their position seems to be that names and email addresses are off-limits.

What is interesting is that they still have documented API's all over the place that claim to return user information, such as from here and that would require an Admin API  key that expires, but it'll return an empty array. So Atlassian has chosen to give its customers the advice that they should export a list of all of their user data, instead of using secure API's, because then it's your problem and not theirs. A pretty bizarre scenario.

I have discovered a bit of a bug on their end that will expose email addresses on occasion for specific staff who create and review PR'sYou have to use this API and iterate over author.raw to get email addresses from this endpoint:{workspace}/{repo}/refs/branches (see documentation here)

AlexV August 16, 2021

Oh oh @Ryan Hilliker  - you're about to get permabanned. ;p

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Cristhian Benitez July 11, 2023

This talks about how the security is manage inside the company

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Dirk van Rensburg May 3, 2023

I had this same issue because the 'User directory' now also contains the "Users on plan" I could previously figure out who's who by going to the latter.

The only way I have found to figure this out now is to add the users to a group and then going to the "User groups" view and looking up the group. Emails are shown there along with the user's name.

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Andy Royle September 20, 2021

Adding my voice to the above. This is a ridiculous configuration. Carrying out an audit where we have developers from different suppliers and knowing who is with which so we can terminate access when we end a relationship is essential. This cannot be done with username alone !

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Ana Retamal
Atlassian Team
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March 15, 2019

Hi Saravanan,

You won't be able to see the email address of the users. You can only see their name and username. This can be found on the link<username>/plan-users/ (make sure to replace <username> with your actual username).

Hope that helps!


Saravanan S March 15, 2019

Thanks for the reply.  when user getting relieving we need to remove them accordingly. some time same name will be there we cannot identify with the user name. 

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Marek Uhel May 27, 2020

This is crazy - being part of admin group in Jira&Confluence, you can really manage users, you can see the username and email. Jumping into bitbucket, you have to guess which email is behind the user, as you'll see only the same name and duplicated entries.

Such usability, as removing all the user's entries and and adding the "valid" email back, seeing in paid, "professional" product for the first time.

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Sam Mugel July 16, 2020

Agreed. What is the reason for this choice?

AlexV July 16, 2020

Perhaps someone who never managed a system decided it was a good idea.

It's obviously not, but someone thought it was.

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Erez Mor July 20, 2020

Poor decision. As an admin I need a way to track the user email, this is the only unique value. The user can set a nickname for whatever he likes.

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Tonia Hatter July 23, 2020

I have the same exact issue. I now have a user with two different accounts between jira and bitbucket and I didn't know that because I can't see their bitbucket email profile. Poor configuration Atlassian.

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AlexV July 23, 2020

I bet you another $5 that this isn't poor configuration. This is poor understanding of what compliance means.

Jason Holladay December 1, 2020

This is unacceptable.  When will it be fixed?

Panos Laganakos January 9, 2021

Please fix this. I spent 20' to figure out which person is which. This is insane.

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nbourdon January 25, 2021

Please fix this. It's absurd. Does nobody from Atlassian actually use Atlassian tools?


Edit: after looking around some more, not all users on our account even have their usernames displayed! How does Atlassian decide if they're going to show the username for a certain user or not? How am I even supposed to use the "solution" above if I don't know what a user's username is? Why is it that I even have to ask these questions?

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Keith Patton February 22, 2021

This is amazing. The question was asked 2 years ago. I will be switching to GitHub because the support is incredibly poor.

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yegor.k May 24, 2021


Is this the official answer?

So, Atlassian doesn't understand a thing about user management. Should I trust them with my projects??

Anthony Erbe July 23, 2021

I will throw my hat in the ring too. Not being able to find the correct bb username/email has been an issue multiple times now. We have users that come on the team that had prior bb accounts and jira accounts and tracking down which user/email they used is a nightmare.

Bejoy John August 17, 2021

This is absurd and ridiculous and potentially puts companies' proprietary data at risk of ex-employees! Please make this change or else there are enough other providers who have a better understanding of GDPR!

spryce June 29, 2022

I cannot believe I convinced my company to use this junk. Members in my workspace and I cannot even see their email addresses. Wow... Don't I look like a fool. 


Thanks again Atlassian. The list just keeps growing.

mac_nsr July 18, 2023

Logged in just to say: it's 2023 and this is still ridiculous. Yes, I can export the csv and get the email addresses that way -- but why should I have to do that, and how would I know to expect it when the email addresses don't appear in the UI?!

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