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We are planning to migrate bitbucket (4.3.2) with postgresql database (8.4.20)  to bitbucket(5.5.0) with postgre database version (9.6) , please suggest on the the complete procedure . Thanks

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Hi koteswararao, you can find all the instructions in our online Knowledge Base :) You can find them at Bitbucket Server upgrade guide.

Hope that helps!


I have followed the upgrade document  as mentioned above and getting below error message while upgrading bitbucket from 4.3.2 to 5.5.1 version . Could you please suggest? Thanks 

tmp]# ./atlassian-bitbucket-5.5.1-x64.bin 

Starting Installer ...

Bitbucket 5.5.1 installation wizard

Would you like to install or upgrade an instance?

Install a new instance [1, Enter], Upgrade an existing instance [2]


Upgrade Bitbucket 5.5.1

What type of instance are you looking to upgrade?

Upgrade an existing Server instance [1, Enter], Upgrade an existing Data Center instance [2], Upgrade an existing Smart Mirroring instance [3]


Where should Bitbucket be installed?




The target installation directory is not empty.

Where should Bitbucket be installed?









I changed the home directory and it did work , but  after upgrading I'm not able to  access it with https . Some configuration is missing in  file . please suggest on the same

I have completed the bitbucket upgrade from 4.3.2 to 5.5.1 

Below are the issues I'm facing 



>  In bitbucket 4.3.2, stack is owned by stash user 

and there is service (stash) available to start the service in linux 

> after upgrading to  bitbucket 5.5.1 , stack is owned by root user and there is no startup service available to start the bitbucket services 

As per the attlasian document , we need to use service atlbitbucket stop/start to start and stop the bitbucket 5.5.1 

But there is no atlbitbucket script under /etc/init.d


2) bitbucket 5.5.1 is not working with https url 

 3) elastic search is not starting automatically in bitbucket 5.5.1 

Please suggest on above

waiting on  response to the above issues 

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