Where has the overview over all issues gone?

Johannes_Nielsen March 26, 2023

There used to be an overview over all issues assigned to me under https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/issues. Since the UI change last week, I am unable to find this overview. Where has it gone? This overview was a great way to for all our devs to see the overall amount of work on their desk. 

What's even more confusing: I _can_ see all the JIRA issues assigned to me in the workspace overview (https://bitbucket.org/koehler-partner/workspace/overview) even though those don't even belong to this workspace. What sense does it make to show me – in Bitbucket – all my JIRA issues but not all my Bitbucket issues??

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Johannes_Nielsen March 29, 2023

The solution to this particular problem (and a few others) is: Switch to github, where you can already see all issues assigned to you, opened by you, or in which you have been mentioned.

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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 27, 2023

G'day Johannes!

We have recently changed the way that workspaces are viewed in Bitbucket Cloud, you can read about this change on our public blog post:

By changing the navigation to a single workspace view rather than a dashboard overview, Bitbucket Cloud is aligning closer with other Atlassian Cloud products like Jira Software and Confluence Cloud.

I have spoken to our developers and have raised a feature request on your behalf to display issue status against repositories in your workspace - this way viewing your list of repositories will let you know which repositories have issues and which ones do not. Feel free to "Watch" this for future updates and "Vote" for it to improve its visibility:

In the interim, here is an API command you can execute to filter out which repositories in your workspace contain issues - this will assist with narrowing down which repositories need to be checked to review the issues associated with them:

curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://bitbucket.org/api/2.0/repositories/{workspaceID}?fields=values.links.issues.*%2Cvalues.has_issues%2Cpage%2Cpagelen%2Csize%2Cnext&q=has_issues%3Dtrue&pagelen=100' \
  --user {username}:{AppPassword}

NOTE: You will need to replace the values inside the curly braces with actual values and remove the curly braces from the command, if you do not already have an App Password configured for authentication you will need to do so here:

Hope this helps.


- Ben (Bitbucket Cloud Support)

Johannes_Nielsen March 27, 2023

Hi Ben


Thank you for coming back to us so swiftly. 

Yes, I had read this article. Not much has changed for our day-to-day work so far, except for the issue overview. 

Unfortunately neither the API nor the feature request solve our problem. Our problem was not finding out, which repositories have issues – I am certain almost all our repositories have some. As a developer, I would like to have an overview over all issues within the current workspace which have been assigned to me, including the repository they belong to, their status, and their age, so I can more easily prioritize my tasks. This did exist before (albeit maybe not filtered by workspace but only by user). I will also comment accordingly on the feature request you opened.

To be perfectly honest, this change feels like – unfortunately yet another – attempt to push Jira over all other Atlassian products. The fact that I can see, within the workspace overview, Jira issues which have been assigned to me, but which have not been created within this workspace, not even by anybody with access to this workspace – not even by somebody within our company – further feeds this suspicion.

Kind regards,
Hannes (or Johannes – feel free to chose)

Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 28, 2023

Hey Johannes,

Thank you for sharing your use case on the feature request ticket, as feedback during this period of change is useful for our developers to make potential decisions toward product changes.

Unfortunately, at this stage you will need to view issues by navigating to the repository they are contained in.

We also would like to encourage you to give Jira Software a try for your issues tracking, as we have a very tight, native integration between the 2 products.

To learn more, please visit


- Ben (Bitbucket Cloud Support)

Johannes_Nielsen March 29, 2023

Hello Ben

Unfortunately this answer is completely unsatisfactory. It is quite bewildering that Jira seems to "have very tight, native integration" with Bitbucket, while Bitbucket with itself does not. I can only imagine how that meeting went "We need to show a user's Jira issues on their bitbucket workspace dashboard" "What about their Bitbucket issues?" "No. Then they would have fewer incentives to switch to Jira."

At least I can appreciate your honesty, telling me: "Just use Jira ¯\_(ツ)_/¯", rather than assuring me that this will be implemented in Bitbucket in a timely manner (which we both know will not happen).

I will spare you the time and effort to actually try and provide a solution for our problem and just suggest one myself: Switch github. 

Forgive my saltiness but this strategy to aggressively push users towards Jira has been too open and has been going on for too long. Why do you not just pull the plug on Bitbucket and integrate it as an additional feature into Jira, so that people just use Jira from the start?


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