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When will Bitbucket support to VS2022?

Bitbucket doesn't work on Visual Studio 2022 yet. We have projects that we are working on Visual Studio 2022. If Bitbucket doesn't support VS2022 we will need to migrate projects to VS2019.

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This work for me.


  1. Create an App Password from HERE
  2. Open your Windows Credentials Manager.
  3. Select and edit each Bitbucket Crendential with you new App Password
  4. From VS try again to clone your repository.


Good luck.

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First I had tried to search bitbucket extension for VS 2022, but unable to get that, after that I installed VS Code and configure repository by creating App Password. for VS Code configuration you can find tutorials on youtube.

Post that I opened Visual studio 2022 and selected Clone from repository.

get the clone url from Bitbucket repository and paste it. This time it will not ask about password.

in VS Code we need to give url as same as what we have copied like below

git clone


but for Visual studio remove the word 'git clone' and paste url like below

then click on clone button. 


It is working for me :)

I'm not sure how it happened, but VS2022 17.0.4 works with Bitbucket.  What's really cool is the new multiple repository support.  I have several projects that use DLL's in separate repositories, and I can check changes into each repository without leaving VS.

I just wish I knew what changed so I could share that info.

bitbucket integration stopped working today. i am using 17.1.1. it complains about ssh_askpass: exec(c:/program files/microsoft visual studio/2022/professional/common7/ide/commonextensions/microsoft/teamfoundation/team explorer/Git/mingw32/libexec/git-core\\git-askpass.exe): No such file or directory

are you using the vs bitbucket extension which is only supported up to vs 2019?

In VS2022 I selected Tools/Options/Source Control/Git Global Settings; and then set the Credential helper to GCM for Windows.  All my repository was then accessible.  I don't mind Atlassian making the decision to end the Bitbucket Cloud account password usage for Git over HTTPS and API, but it would have been much better to do so with robust examples of how users can flip their various IDEs to the new system.

Like Tom Foy likes this

I have the new VS2022 release 17.1.2. I had the same problem 

As @Hawkeye  indicated - with a slight amendment - against Credential Helper - select 'GCM Core'. Then taking @Miguel Velarde instructions - however on starting VS in your project try your push and you will get a blue pop up window from Atlassian which asks you to verify 2 factor authentication. You should get a browser window show (its useful to already be logged into atlassian already - as this will require you to log in). This simply asks you to Grant Access - when that happens you get a confirmation message. 

Do the push now and you should get success.

The extension for VS up to 2019 is on github:  Six months ago the was updated to say that the extension is no longer maintained.  It would be wonderful if Atlassian would take over support for this important extension.  For now, I'm migrating my projects to github.  It's less painful than using SourceTree.

To use Bitbucket in VS2022, I downloaded the extension from the address below, but could not install it:

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It's the other way around really - when will VS2022 support Bitbucket?  Bitbucket is a service and VS a client.  It's up to the client to support the usage of the service.

Clients usually support the use of services they're not explicitly built for via some form of app, module or plugin.  So the question is now which app you are using for it?

Ok, so that is an app for Visual Studio, as I thought.

We here in the Atlassian Community probably can't tell you anything about that (unless the original authors are here).  It's not an Atlassian application and it's not on the Atlassian Marketplace, so you're asking the wrong people, you'll need to get in touch with the authors.

Bitbucket was supposed to be supporting GIT repositories. VS2022 supports git. And it works with other git providers.
Why will VS have to bother for yet another GIT provider which does not work :) 

Visual Studio has integration possibilities with git - CLEAR but it is not having any integration possibility with Bitbucket.

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ wouldn't you agree that it has to be in the interest of ATLASSIAN to develop the necessary VS plugin as github does.

How else can you ensure the user experience for VS users in doing code reviews and remote repo management directly from the IDE.

Please have a check on the features provided by this plugin: 

GitHub Extension for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Marketplace

That's an arguable one.  Atlassian has an interest in making Bitbucket work for everyone, but most developers don't use Visual Studio, so while yes, they have an interest, it's lower down the list of than other development systems.  (Although, for what it's worth, they've done it for VScode/VSCodium)

VS Code extension: we did give it a try but due to its poor quality / many bugs that affected us this was not an option for us.

atlassianlabs / atlascode / issues — Bitbucket: with 231 open issues and 3.5 star rating

Most open source developers don't use VS instead use Code - but for enterprises there is still a large user base for VS. I still think a VS plugin to integrate with Jira and Bitbucket is a miss. 

Is a solution on it's way?

Ask the Visual Studio coders...

@Nic - it really is the responsibility of service providers to adhere to established standards. When that is done, then all client simply support the one standard and work with every service provider.

However, in this case, Atlassian has chosen to deviate from the standard and then expects other to adapt to their deviation.

I'm afraid it's still the other way around.  

Bitbucket does not deviate from any standard in its field, the problem is that a client does not support the service-specific stuff.  

It is the responsibility of the client to adhere to the standards as well as the service, but also the responsibility of the client to support the service-specific stuff.

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