What is the Root URL for SourceTree App?

I am new to BitBucket, and the company I am freelancing for uses BitBucket to edit their code. So, they already had an existing repository, and I want to create connect it to the SourceTree computer app. Upon install, the app asks for the root url, which I am not to sure what is it. 

I think I found somewhere online that it could be http[s]://<repo_owner>@bitbucket.org/<repo_owner>/<repo_name>.git but that is not working either.

Thank you for those to help em out!

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Hi everyone!

The main issue in this thread seems to be Bitbucket Cloud users trying to register using the Bitbucket Server method. Please note that there are 2 ways of registering Sourcetree: 'Bitbucket Server' and 'Atlassian account'. If you have a Bitbucket Server account, use the 'Bitbucket Server account'. If you DON'T HAVE a Bitbucket Server account and instead you use Bitbucket Cloud, Github or any other service, you need to register using an Atlassian account.

After this step has been completed and the installation process finished, you'll be able to connect your repos following the steps at Connect your Bitbucket or Github account.


Hope that helps!


Gregg OD I'm New Here Oct 10, 2018

Im installing sourcetree in October and I had the same confusion.

I think its down to human error where you see Bitbucket and you immediately click it without thinking.

Which calls for two changes in the setup:

You should make it more clear.
You should put this information on the setup page so people dont get frustrated and have to Google it.


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This UI design makes a simple login process so frustrating

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No only frustrating but also annoying. I've just downloaded the latest ST version 3_0_200 onto my Mac OSX 10.13.3 (cannot upgrade to 10.13.6 or 10.14 for other reasons) and am unable to register it using the Server (managed to connect to Cloud but don't want any info to be shared with Cloud account and only our self-hosted BB Server so Cancelled). When tried to access Cloud the app would crash every time after clicking BitBucket Cloud icon 3 times anyway. The BitBucket Server, on the other hand, doesn't reckognise my valid credentials that work on our JIRA server instance - simply rejects any combination. Base URL (take from BB settings), username and password are 100% correct (removed partial login details for security).

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 20.04.12.png

Atlassian - what's going on on your side? Everything seem to be progresively degrading on your side...

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I just switched to git tortoise :) Solved my problem.

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Thanks - would do the same but am on a Mac.

Am in the process of exploring other apps atm.

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Gregg OD I'm New Here Nov 06, 2018

Shame David - I heard gitKraken is good. It's cross platform and has a pretty cool website! Definitely worth investigating. Let the forum know if it works for you.

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Trying to set up SourceTree is absolutely positively infuriating, and for no good reason whatsoever. As far as I can see this is all about Atlassian marketing trying to collect some information (which is bad enough), but making the process so counter-intuitive and frustrating. 

I use BitBucket server. Accessed without a password, but using an SSH key. To get to BitBucket, I just type in git.something.something.something into the browser, and I'm there. Registering Atlassian? No chance. 

The first absolute idiocy is that the base url must start with https:// or http:// otherwise error "invalid base url". WTF not "Invalid Base URL: Add https or http scheme"? 

Asked a colleague who knew what to do: The solution is simple. I don't care about Atlassian, I just want this app running. So whatever you _actually_ want to do, just create a throw-away Atlassian account (nowadays called "BitBucket Cloud", just to confuse everyone), register, and never touch that account again. 

I share your frustration but there is no hope am afraid... I have been using their products for the past 4-5 years, did some certification too but looking back, they simply don't give a s**t about their own customers or community hence am reluctant to further recommend any of their products to my new clients. We've been living for a couple of years with unresolved critical issues in JIRA (while they prioritise other UI tickets purely for marketing purposes) but are constantly evaluating other solutions and if anything promising shows up we'll move away from Atlassian as fast as we can.

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Hi Jeff! Do they use Bitbucket Cloud or Server? If it's cloud, the root URL should be something like https://bitbucket.org/<username>/. You can also refer to Connect your Bitbucket account for additional information. 

Let us know if you have any questions or need any extra help!


Thanks Ana. I actually figured out the answer later that day. For me, it was http[s]://<username>@bitbucket.org/<repo_owner>/<repo_name>

Referring the Connect your Bitbucket account was where I first started, but I believe that was when you already did the setup. SourceTree now has connect to your Bitbucket Cloud / Server when you startup the app for the first time.

I am new to bitbucket and I downloaded sourcetree but when I start installation it asked me to give it ROOT URL and I gave it URL in following formates but it said "Invalid URI: The hostname couldn't parsed."

1. https://<username>@bitbucket.org/<repo_owner>/<repo_name>

2. https://<username>@bitbucket.org/<repo_name>

Can anyone help me please

I am trying the same but no luck so far. Have tried all the give urls formats 

Can anyone share sample url?


Scenario to reproduce: Goto C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree and remove accounts.json file and re open source tree.

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I faced the same problem during installation. The URI is invalid. None of the answers can help me. I tried https://bitbucket.org/username/repo, https://username@bitbucket.org/username/repo, etc. Could you provide an exanmple?

Hi Luotao, seems like you're in the same situation than the users above, they were trying to register using their Cloud credentials, but the only options available for registration are Bitbucket Server credentials and Atlassian account. If that's your case, you'll need to register the product using your Atlassian account (email address and password) and after that you'll be able to connect your Bitbucket Cloud account. 

If you're not sure, you can post a screenshot and we'll guide you.

 Kind regards :)


Please do that Ana! Thanks

Hi Grant! I'm not sure what are you asking me to do... What issue are you experiencing?

If it's different from the question the author posted, please submit it as a different thread so we can keep this tidy and helpful for the rest of the users :)

Kind regards!



I am trying the following steps

1. Install Source Tree for Windows

2. I go to https://bitbucket.org/darden/registrar/src/master/ and click clone and choose https.  It gave. https://nickarino@bitbucket.org/darden/registrar.git

3.  I took that url and put it in.  When I type in my username I use login to bitbucket I get the below error, "Invalid URI: the hostname could not be parsded"


2018-06-04 15_55_52-Sourcetree _ Free Git GUI for Mac and Windows.png

Jim Redmond Atlassian Team Jun 04, 2018

Don't use the "Bitbucket Server" type - bitbucket.org is Bitbucket Cloud, which uses Atlassian Account.

Thanks James.  Can you tell me exactly what to type?  I do not understand

Jim Redmond Atlassian Team Jun 04, 2018

The Bitbucket Server screen is incorrect if you're using Bitbucket Cloud, so you'll need to click "Back" and choose the Atlassian account type instead.

Great.  I have logged in.  Now what are the steps to get past this?  I currently authenticate by ssh with a key. 

2018-06-04 21_03_26-What is the Root URL for SourceTree App_.png


If I do this on my local repo that works, I get

C:\dev\registrar>git remote -v
origin ssh://git@bitbucket.org/darden/registrar.git (fetch)
origin ssh://git@bitbucket.org/darden/registrar.git (push)

Jim Redmond Atlassian Team Jun 04, 2018

First, change "Bitbucket Server" to "Atlassian account". If your repos are at bitbucket.org then you are not using Bitbucket Server (bitbucket.org is Bitbucket Cloud).

Bitbucket Server is self-hosted and has a URL other than bitbucket.org.

Once you've changed from "Bitbucket Server" to "Atlassian account" then you should be able to continue.

I was able to continue, but now I need to set up my remotes.  What are my next steps.  When I choose "Bitbucket" I cannot put anything in the host URL. 

2018-06-05 08_53_14-Sourcetree.png

Hi @Nick Skriloff, the Atlassian account was only needed to register the product upon installation, you won't need it in Sourcetree anymore.

Now, you're trying to set up your remotes, which are hosted in Bitbucket Cloud. Once you select 'Bitbucket' in the drop-down, you'll need to enter your Bitbucket username in the 'Username' field (all the Bitbucket Cloud URLs are https://bitbucket.org/<username>/, that's why we only need the username as that's what makes your account unique). In your case, you'll need to enter 'darden' (without the quotation marks). 

This is explained at Connect your Bitbucket account.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other difficulties and we'll be glad to help.




Thank you.  Should I talk to my admin to fix this? 

2018-06-06 05_12_11-Window.png

I am unable to connect to BitBucket Server.

I got the following URL from clone:


I put the same on SourceTree to connect to BitBucket Server, but I am getting the error "Failer to list groupings for user"

Please let me know how to resolve this issue?

Error Message.png

Any update on my query?

@Ana Retamal Ortiz Thanks.

Following comment helped me and I've successfully set it all up.

>Hi @@sheikhsohaib0 and @Mohammad Tasneem Faizyab, looks like you both have >Bitbucket Cloud accounts, but you're trying to use the Bitbucket Server authentication >prompt to log in. If you don't have a Bitbucket Server account, you'll need to register >using the other option (Atlassian account) and once the installation process is >completed, you can add your Bitbucket Cloud account following the steps at Connect your Bitbucket account.

>Let us know if you still have any issues and we'll be glad to continue helping you!

>Kind regards,


Try this. If you guys have an existing repo that you have access to, go to your BitBucket account. Once you get to that repo that you want access to, click the button clone thats near the top right. It will give you the a git command line, copy everything besides the git clone part, which should end up like what I said early,   http[s]://<username>@bitbucket.org/<repo_owner>/<repo_name>. Whatever your repo clone gives that should be it though.


This is how I'm doing it as I own this repo so I have used my username and my repo name

Are you the owner of the repo or someone else the owner? If someone else is, it would be their username after @Bitbucket.org/

I'm owner so its my username after @Bitbucket.org/

Then, I'm not quite sure how to fix your issue :( I used the format before and it worked. I'm still new to BitBucket

Can you try the scenario I mentioned to reproduce the issue?

I did and it works, but its a little different for me since I'm already inside the web app.

This annoying issue has wasted my day.

so is there any other way to get rid of this 

It just keeps asking me to login again and again



I'm not sure where that is popping up, and I don't know how else to help you. I hope your day gets better  

Hi @sheikhsohaib07 and @Mohammad Tasneem Faizyab, looks like you both have Bitbucket Cloud accounts, but you're trying to use the Bitbucket Server authentication prompt to log in. If you don't have a Bitbucket Server account, you'll need to register using the other option (Atlassian account) and once the installation process is completed, you can add your Bitbucket Cloud account following the steps at Connect your Bitbucket account.

Let us know if you still have any issues and we'll be glad to continue helping you!

Kind regards,


I'm having the same issue. I registered using Atlassian but it still asks me for the URL above. I've tried all combinations and have no idea what I should be entering in this space. To make matters worse my Atlassian account is connected with my gmail. Does it want my gmail password or my Atlassian password? I haven't used Atlassian to log in for years.

Guys, I think I got the solution for lots of people.

For our team it worked if you just put in your browser url of the repository .


It should look something like this:




git.PNGHey,I'm facing this sort of issue

can anybody guide me through this?

gittt.PNGI've tried another root url and this error appears

gitt.PNGthis message appears when i try to login with atlassian

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Hi @Divyamsh, in Sourcetree there are 2 ways of registering: one is using your Atlassian account, and the other one is using your Bitbucket Server account. You are a Bitbucket Cloud user, however you're trying to register using the Bitbucket Server method. Please go back and select 'Atlassian account', then you'll be able to log in using your Bitbucket Cloud credentials (your Atlassian account and Bitbucket Cloud account share the same email address and password).

Let us know if you need any further assistance!


Hey Ana,

Please go through the 3rd screenshot

When i select atlassian account that kind of error message pops up.

Hi @Divyamsh

That's a Javascript error usually caused by an old version of the browser. Sourcetree relies on Internet Explorer for authentication, can you make sure it's updated to the latest version?

Apart from that, IE needs to be configured at a minimum as follows:

- Cog/Internet options/Security settings need to be enabled

- Misc/Access data sources across domains


- Scripting/Active Scripting

- The browser mode set to 10

- The document mode set to 10

These can be set using the F12 developer tools.

Those are the settings that matter. It should also be able to set them indirectly by:

- making sure https://id.atlassian.com is NOT set to be rendered in Compatibility Mode

- Set Cog/Internet options/Security to Medium-High

Let us know if this helped you!

Best regards,


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This is crazy. I can't login I am pulling my hair out trying to login.

I am facing the same problem. This is incredibly annoying. Who came up with this horrible idea!!!!! You are really making sure we don't use the source-tree anymore.

anyway, I tried what other people suggested and no luck.

I have a repo called "arara" and my user name is gmmo, see the screen shots and the problem. What would be the correct strings?



trying to start source tree, and stuck:



thank you

I struggled with the same issue for a long time.

I wanted to connect SourceTree with my BitBucket Server.

Reading the several hints on this page, I tried the URL that I got when I hit clone on my repo on the server.

That didn't work either.

So, I selected the option of Clone using SourceTree and voila !!!

It opened up the appropriate window and when I hit clone, my repo and branches etc. are there now in SourceTree.


Just to let others know - this didn't work for me whenever am trying to Download using SourceTree v3_0_200 using both HTTPS or SSH. :(


Getting really fed up with Atlassian products now... time wasting stuff quite frankly.

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Charles I'm New Here Nov 28, 2018

I can add my Bitbucket account in Tower , But SourceTree failed, I am confused

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Deleted user Jan 10, 2019

The UI contant is quite confusing, what's the meaning of the "Root URL" ? You guys don't even explained it well ! 

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applikasi cacat

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