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Using APP PASSWORD to downlod zip of repo results in 403 telling me to log in

Alan Holden November 9, 2021

Until recently, we had a CFML script which would pull down a complete zip file of our branch and parse it out to the server. The <cfhttp> tag attribute would look like this:


An Atlassian username and password was used, and everything worked fine. Obviously, we want to move to an APP PASSWORD account with reduced permissions - because our current method of using user credentials is going to be deprecated, right?

So, after playing around with permissions enough to get any response at all, we finally got this (the "contents" of the .zip file) from our latest attempt:

403 Forbidden
Your account is currently inactive. Because it's been a while since you logged in, you'll need to log in at to get back in to your account.

I doubt that there's any way for an APP PASSWORD to actually "log in" at the web site. This message seems like a red herring.

So I'm stumped. What is the server actually trying to tell us, what exactly are the permissions needed on an APP PASSWORD for our current endpoint above to continue working?

(We've tried Workplace=Read, Projects=Read, Repositories=Read, Pull requests=Read)

Thanks all,

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Alan Holden November 10, 2021

The 403 message is a red herring, and seems to avoid saying that the Label should not be substituted for the [account] name (see url above) when an app password is used.

IOW, every APP PASSWORD you create continues to employ [account] as the username.

I would suggest an Enhancement Request to add some hint wording to this effect - where App Passwords are created, perhaps a tooltip (?) next to the "Label" column header, or a faux "Username" header which just repeats the correct value on each row.
I suspect this would reduce the volume of support traffic from idiots like me.

Alan Holden November 10, 2021

FYI It looks like the only permission needed was “Read” under “Pull requests”. 

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Bharat Barot
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April 6, 2022

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