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Unable to start the MeshApplication after upgrading from 7.19 to 8.3

sathish puranika
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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September 29, 2022

Hi Team,

I am trying to upgrade my bitbucket from 7.19 to 8.3 and unfortunatly my application is failing to start the mesh node. I have deleted the mesh folder in bitbucket directory and it was recreating it when it starts however it fails with below error. It says signing-key.pem will not be read; its permissions are too loose (rwxrwx---) but I cant change the file permission even though I was bitbucket user. What can be the issue? Appreciate your help.

2022-09-29 16:30:35,054 INFO [main] - c.a.b.m.a.DefaultAuthenticationManager No control plane key has been provisioned
2022-09-29 16:30:35,055 WARN [main] - c.a.bitbucket.mesh.util.KeyUtils /opt/bitbucket/bitbucket/mesh/config/signing-key.pem will not be read; its permissions are too loose (rwxrwx---)
2022-09-29 16:30:35,453 INFO [main] - c.a.b.m.a.DefaultAuthenticationManager Generated signing key (Fingerprint: F50y0TcjSfMJ0wS/SPHSfGgAni9tauOZ7LRZMr0GSJY)
2022-09-29 16:30:35,531 INFO [main] - c.a.b.m.g.b.DefaultGitBinaryHelper Using /usr/bin/git (2.37.3)
2022-09-29 16:30:35,855 INFO [main] - Starting Mesh 1.3.1 (1ecdef2 built on 2022-08-16T00:03:42.165Z)
2022-09-29 16:30:35,859 INFO [main] - JVM: Oracle Corporation OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 11+28
2022-09-29 16:30:36,226 INFO [main] - c.a.b.m.g.t.DefaultTranscodeServer Callback socket listening at
2022-09-29 16:30:37,770 INFO [main] - c.a.b.m.g.hook.DefaultGitHookService Git hook callback socket listening on
2022-09-29 16:30:37,830 INFO [main] - Successfully acquired lock on home directory /opt/bitbucket/bitbucket/mesh
2022-09-29 16:30:39,319 INFO [main] - c.a.bitbucket.mesh.grpc.GrpcServer gRPC server started (port: 7777, SSL: false, maxDirectMemory: 718 MB)
2022-09-29 16:30:39,330 INFO [main] - c.a.b.mesh.boot.MeshApplication Started MeshApplication in 10.531 seconds (JVM running for 11.7)
2022-09-29 16:30:50,981 WARN [grpc-server:thread-1] - c.a.b.mesh.auth.JwtAuthenticator Rejecting token; signature verification failed No signing key could be resolved for control-plane with fingerprint

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