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Unable to display a button on the pull request overview page using ScriptRunner

Tamir.Kucherov October 3, 2022



I try to create a button on bitbucket pull request overview page using ScriptRunner, but for some reason it doesn’t appears.

This button should open additional custom form.



My actions are:

  1. Login to bitbucket admin page -> SCRIPTRUNNER -> Fragments
  2. Create Fragment -> Custom Web Item
  3. Fill all fields while specifying in section field: bitbucket.pull-request.toolbar.actions
  4. Click on Update
  5. Refresh existing pull request. The button is missing


Menu from step #2 [custom web item]:



My environment:

Atlassian Bitbucket v7.17.10

ScriptRunner version: 6.55.1

Chrome Version 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build) (64-bit)


P.s: I also try to follow adaptavist documentation, but the pictures are missing:


Code for myTestForm.groovy file [just for the test]

import com.atlassian.bitbucket.repository.RefService

import com.atlassian.bitbucket.repository.Repository

import com.atlassian.bitbucket.repository.ResolveRefRequest

import com.atlassian.sal.api.component.ComponentLocator

import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.parameters.annotation.RepositoryPicker

import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.parameters.annotation.ShortTextInput

 import static com.atlassian.bitbucket.repository.StandardRefType.BRANCH


@RepositoryPicker(label = "Repository", description = "Enter the repository name")

Repository repository


@ShortTextInput(label = "Branch", description = "Enter the branch name")

String branchName


def refService = ComponentLocator.getComponent(RefService)


refService.resolveRef(new ResolveRefRequest.Builder(repository).with {





Can you assist please?


Thanks! Tamir

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Yoni Segal July 24, 2023

@Tamir.Kucherov  did you ever figure this out?

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