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I cannot find the solution or searching the wrong way. I have a multiple environments in organization and I did not have issues configuring JIRA & Atlassian to use different Crowd servers, etc test jira using test crowd.. There is a config file, but for Stash there is no such file and it is using the production crowd server. I could do that with adding new user directory in Stash administration, but I am automating deployment and need to change configuration files.

Any ideas?

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Yes, but my question is how can make to authorize against and to authorize against

Currently every my instance is authorizing against

For Jira/Confl I edited file.

You need to edit the settings that point it to the wrong server - admin -> user directories

How can I edit that? I just can add new directory and point it to desired crowd instance, but I am using infrastracture as a code to automate deployments, tests etc. with Chef.

In the UI.  It's a configuration item, not a deployment thing.

But I can change that in Confluence or Jira :)

I know how to change it in the UI, but I want to change it in "backend"

Yes, you change Jira and Confluence in the UI as well.

I can change this configuration in UI or "backend" for Confl or Jira, you can find it in /opt/application/atlassian-application/WEB-INF/classes/, but there is no such thing on Stash.

You do understand that that file only covers half the job of changing the directory?  Your test servers are still going out to your production Crowd.

I don’t understand this part because for example Confluence, changing to test Crowd in you are able to login only with users created on test Crowd. So I am asking is there a way to change crowd server not using UI. As I wrote before, for Confluence and Jira I changed Crowd server not using UI.

How are you changing the url in the directory settings in the UI?  That is not controlled by the content of the files

Also, for Bitbucket, it does all of the connection via the directory setting, not files.

Thanks, last question - shouldn’t this must be stored somewhere anyway? :D

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