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SourceTree keeps asking to authenticate again over and over...

Craig Schomp May 04, 2015

I'm using source tree, am getting fetch updates but on a fairly regular schedule, get a popup to re-authenticate. Why? How do I fix it?


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Garry Pas Feb 23, 2018

This is infuriating. Huge bug has existed for months. Will it ever be fixed? Time to dump Atlassian and their broken toolset.

Talha Ashfaque Jun 28, 2018


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Axel Deblasi Aug 13, 2018


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Etay Matzliah Aug 13, 2018


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David R Bermudez Aug 13, 2018

Im suffering from the same symptom.  I've already setup the SSH authentication method and it still asks for password over and over again.  Sometimes 3 times in a row!

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Paulius Pupeikis Aug 13, 2018 • edited Oct 19, 2018



I figure out the problem that I was having. For some reason our network DNS shows both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of Bitbucket. The IPv6 addresses are unreachable but Git Credential Manager which is used by Git which is used by Source Tree by default try to connect using IPv6 and just timeout. Further problem is made worse by faulty logic in Git Credential Manager which cannot distinguish between network timeout and invalid credentials. Thus network times out, Git Credential Manager thinks that credentials are wrong and asks again and again and again.

Web browsers can work around this problem by trying both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Git credential manager for some reason cannot do this so the only way to fix the problem is to either disable IPv6 or add IPv4 addresses of and to the hosts file.

David R Bermudez Aug 13, 2018

I am using SSH and it still asks for password all the time...I am using SourceTree the latest version.

Grigory Zhadko Aug 14, 2018


Dennis Keulen Aug 22, 2018


GOH JIN JIE Sep 06, 2018

+1 really frustrating

Wayne Le-Trung Sep 20, 2018

Atlassian is now a billion dollars company. Do you think they care about these small issues? Where is the $$$?

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Ken Foskey Sep 20, 2018

@Wayne Le-Trung .  There are a few solutions to this.  Upgrade git on your machine or  switch to ssh. Attacks will not help.

Andrzej Sep 25, 2018 • edited

@Ken Foskey, I deeply understand @Wayne Le-Trung. What is left to us besides the attack if issues with authentication are here for literally years and keep returning from different angles. For me it happens once a few months that I have to fight with it and try "a few solutions to this". Are we in XXI century or not?

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David R Bermudez Oct 01, 2018

Still not resolved.  My sourcetree connects to Bitbucket, not Git Hub....and I am using SSH and I get the annoying REAUTHENTICATE pop up every 10 minutes.  It's annoying and frustrating.  How can they mess up something so basic and important?  Are there any steps to follow?  I don't want the  "You have to do this" narrative...I want a step by step solution because I can't find anything and I have tried everything everybody has said here and nothing works.

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Jia Ming Li Oct 02, 2018

Same Issue here, the login popup keeps coming up, I know I have entered the correct password, because I have enter the same username/password on website and GitHub Desktop it works.

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Ahmad Khundaqji Oct 08, 2018

The same issue goes here here, the login dialogues keep stacking up till your memory goes out

Anton Rukhlin Oct 15, 2018


PJ Legendre Oct 19, 2018


Zoran Gavric Oct 23, 2018

One correction though, it has been YEARS...

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Erik Kraijenoord Oct 31, 2018

Issue still exists and has not been fixed, it's anoying to keep authenticating with the idea my username/password is wrong. No message just keep popup asking for authentication....

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Ben Ishiyama-Levy Dec 07, 2018 • edited

same issues!

for all my team. seriously considering alternatives

Charu Sharma I'm New Here Apr 25, 2019


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Adas Lesniak Apr 14, 2016



I had the same. Very annoying. Finally I figured out it had something to do with my account being remembered twice. As and ->

remove the second one as short version will be added automatically. It helped in my case. Hope it works for you as well.




Luigi Verri May 16, 2016

Ty Adam!!
I had Bitbucket account saved in the first and second position (short and long version) in the "saved passwords " list.

Source Tree kept asking the third saved password, continuously.

I deleted the long Bitbucket version. Your solution worked for me!!


Thomas Jul 23, 2017

Yes - this solved, I had >1 account saved as well.

Add you BitBucket account, use the Oauth verify account - then ensure you only have one BitBucket account - set that one as default - close down SourceTree and start up again - finally the incessant prompt gone - +1 vote for this.

Dave Masino Sep 16, 2017

Switching to Oauth verify worked. Thank you! This was maddening ... 

Joe Sutton Jun 30, 2018

+1 for @Thomas 's oAuth suggestion. That worked for me. Thank you, those prompts were driving me crazy. 

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Tim Crall May 04, 2015

The best way to avoid this would be to use SSH but Stash should be able to store your password.


Go to Tools->Options->Authentication and make sure that your hostname, username, and password are all saved there.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.33.55 PM.png

Shaul Behr May 06, 2015

I have the same problem, and my password is supposedly saved in SourceTree...

Josh Noe May 09, 2017

I've resorted to removing all repos from Sourcetree except for one, which uses SSH. I still get this incessant popup.

Bikash Pattanayak May 23, 2018

This worked for me. :)

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Brendan Patterson Nov 29, 2017

Alas, I tried everything I could think of including the above, wiping completely, reinstalling. Used SourceTree since before Atlassian acquired it.   But I've had to switch away.

Any app that prompts the user for a password every few seconds should recommend how to fix the issue along the way. 

Found the issue here:

marked as duplicate to this, but the permissions must be private:

Hope they fix it and we can use it again in the future. In the meantime there are lots of other clients.

Michael Lyubkin Jan 05, 2018

Brendan, I has the same issue with the Authentication dialog constantly popping up. I managed to fix it by explicitly adding the username to all remote.url configurations.

  1. Identify all repositories bookmarked in your SourceTree app (even if hidden in UI).
  2. Open <repository>/.git/config/config
  3. Add the "username" you use to connect to GIt server to all urls like this:
    • url = ssh://username@your-git-server:port/repository

Hope that helps.

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Hasitha Dharmapriya Nov 12, 2018

Michael Lyubkin  your solution was work for me

1 vote
Jim Geppert Mar 24, 2018

Nothing worked for me until I dropped the sourcetree data and restarted:

1.) Take a screenshot of the sourcetree repo bookmarks so you will remember what they are

2.) Quit SourceTree

3.) Delete ~/Library/Application Support/SourceTree

(This removes all of sourcetree's internal data...bookmarks included)

4.) start SourceTree.

You have effectively Re-installed sourcetree now.  

5.) click remote and you will prompted for your bitbucket credentials

You will need to add back your bookmarks but this is very easy (just drag and drop your project folders onto the source tree view after the restart).

1 vote
Francisco Navarro Sep 02, 2018

None of the steps above worked for me. The underlying problem has to do with the store manager for Windows. Please follow this blog to update the credentials manager.

After following those steps make sure you set the latest version of the credentials manager.

git config --global credential.helper manager
Chad Paynter Sep 25, 2018

Thanks Francisco, this solved it for me!

Anton Rukhlin Oct 15, 2018

yes, but the same does not happen for GitHub...

1 vote
Adam Scoble Jan 07, 2019

There's a number of answers already, but this particular process seems to have fixed it for me on Windows 10:

1. Uninstall SourceTree using Windows' "Add/Remove programs"
2. Navigate to C:/Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/AppData/Local/
a. Delete /Atlassian/
b. Delete /SourceTree/
3. Open Credential Manager and then Windows Credentials
a. Delete any reference to Atlassian or SourceTree
4. Reinstall SourceTree
5. In SourceTree open Tools -> Options
a. Click the Git tab
b. Click Update Embedded (if this fails you might need to close any Git/SSH processes including Pageant)
c. Click Embedded to use the Embedded Git version

I've been operating for awhile now without being prompted. Though I use SSH, not sure if this solves it for non-SSH use (or at all).

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Marco Pellicciotta Jan 30, 2017

Remove any default user names from the authentication tab, and always use urls with format. Remember password will work again.

0 votes
Pavan Kalyan Tolety Apr 19, 2017 • edited

Remove all other authentications section in sourcetree other than git hub.

Then click Add or either go to Hosted repositories(to quickly check if it was successful) and click on edit accounts.

In credentials select OAuth and select refresh token. You will be redirected to bitbucket website and click on Grant access.

Now goto your fresh account in sourcetree and select Set as Default.

Done. Now you should see all your repositories in hosted repositories. It shows login error if it is not successful

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Ken Foskey Jan 24, 2018 • edited

I have had a problem that I have had to shut down sourcetree totally on mac (command Q) and restart in order to push.  I could then successfully push my changes.  Strangely I can always pull changes, only on push did it fail.

I am now experiencing an issue that I have to constantly connect using auth button to push.  Lasts about 5 minutes and I have to connect again.  I can still pull new changes.

Note I am on Mac.   I am not being asked for my Mac Password,  it is the actual auth to Bit Bucket that I have to sign on to, I am using google Auth.   I did have github sign on as well.  I removed this and my original bit bucket account then reinserted.   No difference.   Given it is mac password it is not issue 1947.

As noted elsewhere 1946 is private,  cannot review for similarity.

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Greg Smith Feb 23, 2018

This is driving me absolutely nuts. It's been a problem for a while but not seems to be no way or working around it. It just constantly asks for the password and never actual works. Command line is fine. Fix your app.

Ken Foskey Feb 25, 2018

I have noticed that this only happens on a client's bit bucket account.  They have a lot of automation that signs on constantly and many users overnight.   If I work at night I have issues, during the day it is much better.

It appears to be a licensing issue,  not an application issue in my case.   Check the licensing on your bit bucket account and ensure that it is sufficient.

I have never had an issue on my companies account.

That being said a better error message would make this more obvious to the user.

Greg Smith Feb 26, 2018

So I fixed this by switching to the system git rather than in built one. Thinking about it calmly: it is not the fact that authentication fails in the first place (though a better error message would also be good); it’s the fact that it spams the ui with dialogs. It needs some sort of error icon to show that there is an authentication failure and/or print in the log. One pop up dialog is fine. Constant dialog spam is just bad ui.

Ken Foskey Feb 26, 2018

I suspect that behind the scenes the system is being constantly polled and eventually it builds sufficient errors that it stops.   This counter is never cleared and when you try an actual operation it reports the error at that point.


It would be good if I could reduce polling on certain systems and also reset the counter so that the system correctly retries.

Ken Foskey Mar 26, 2018

I have noted that switching system sign on on the user account and back again sometimes clears the issue.   I do continue to experience this overnight on the client account.  This is important once I clear issue during day it works fine for the day during the day time.

Overnight there are many more users on the client's account (Australian night time,  European day time with many more Spanish programmers than Australian ones.).   I can sign on and immediately have to sign on again overnight.

0 votes
Thomas Mar 26, 2018

Jim Geppert's suggestion seems to work - or at least allow you to pinpoint at what point you start getting these prompts. Fon Win users:

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Bhawna Rani Aug 08, 2018

Finally, By using O'Auth type under Authentication tab and setting it to default worked for me. This issue should be fixed because it took me 3 days to figure out and it was frustrating

David R Bermudez Oct 01, 2018

I am using O'Auth and it still asks for entering the password every 10 minutes or so.    And I am using SSH.

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Ken Foskey Aug 13, 2018

Note that I have switched to ssh from https / ssl.   I no longer have this issue.  This is a work around not a solution.

David R Bermudez Oct 01, 2018

I was using https/ssl and switched to ssh and still have the same issue no matter what I do.

Arielle Adams Nov 07, 2018

@David R Bermudez is your SSH pageant saving your key? Check that your configuration is right.

0 votes
Robin Litsetorp Oct 01, 2018

Windows authentication manager was remembering old accounts not in use anymore. Just delete those in the authentication manager in controlpanel.

Anton Rukhlin Oct 15, 2018

i did that. git asked me for the passwords again, but "forgets" the password next time i do a "git push" into a bitbucket repo. i guess my problem is soemthing else

0 votes
Thomas Oct 31, 2018 • edited

As far as can make out this is caused by having multiple github logins. One thing that - does not resolve, but might work around it - is to remove any unused/old bookmarks (folders) - so if you open a new tab - you have a the list of repositories SourceTree has used. You can then remove unused ones (not from disk, jsut remove the bookmarks).
That workaround did it for me.

If you then need to work with one of the "old" folders again - you can of course just open this one (so potentially a workaround is to just open the current folder/project you're on in Sourcetree - and clear out your bookmarks).

Probably someone (might already be in the above) will have a command line script to clear all sourcetree bookmarks. ... 

0 votes
Arielle Adams Nov 07, 2018

Tip for this issue:

Check to see if SSH Pageant is saving your SSH key.

0 votes
Danny van Deutekom Nov 28, 2018

I resolved this issue by removing all `bitbucket` and `sourcetree` passwords from my keychain. After restarting SourceTree, it asked me for my password one last time.

  • macOS 10.14
  • SourceTree 3.0.1
0 votes
Chinmay Gangal Jan 29, 2019

This bug is extremely frustrating, and I was unable to solve even after:

  • Changing password
  • Removing all saved passwords/accounts in SourceTree
  • Updating git
  • Setting up Git Credential Manager by Microsoft
  • Reinstalling SourceTree


This worked for me:

  1. Manually clone the repo using "git clone <repo-url>" at target location
  2. In SourceTree, under "Add" tab, add the repo from target location
0 votes
Anuj Kumar I'm New Here Feb 19, 2019 • edited

Go to


Then click on add and add your public github account there .Set this github account  as default .

The pop-up will not come again.:)

0 votes
Tamas Buzsik Apr 18, 2019 • edited

What's even worse is I have already uninstalled Sourcetree and wiped all traces of it I could find, partly because of this issue.

And guess what - 6 month after uninstalling, I STILL OCCASIONALLY GET THESE POPUPS!!!!!! Usually 3 on top of each other!!


WTF, ATLASSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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