Release Automation with Bitbucket and Bamboo

We have successfully migrated to bitbucket.  Now my question is we have bitbucket hosting our Repos, how do I automate a release.

We have a separate file server in production where our main repo is checked out from bitbucket and 10 web servers are pointing to this file server.  My promote consists of me doing a regular "git pull" on this production repo and then clearing cache on 10 webservers to promote a change. Is this correct or is there some way of removing this middle man of the file server and pointing the web servers directly to bitbucket master branch.  

I am evaluating bamboo for release management but I believe our setup is incorrect to enable this to happen.

Thanks in advance and I love all of Atlassians products! We currently use HipChat, Jira, Confluence and BitBucket.


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Hi Garrett! You could directly connect Bamboo to Bitbucket repositories and achieve release management; Bamboo has the triggers which will invoke the build in Bamboo whenever there's any change committed to the bitbucket repository. The flow could be like this:

  1. Changes are made to BB repo.
  2. Bitbucket sends an event to Bamboo.
  3. Bamboo triggers the build.
  4. Upon successful build, relevant deployment will be triggered to perform the release.
For more info about this, you can check our online documentation Repository triggers the build when changes are committed and Triggering builds in Bamboo.
Hope that helps!

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