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Push an image whose name contains slashes


As image names can be specified in AWS ECR with slashes, for example, "my-group/my-image-name" I would like to specify this information in a pipe. So it would look like:

- step: 
name: Build Dockerfile and push it to ECR
- docker build -t my-group/my-image-name .
- pipe: atlassian/aws-ecr-push-image:1.5.0
IMAGE_NAME: my-group/my-image-name
DEBUG: "true"

When I've trie this, the following error is thrown:

DEBUG: http://host.docker.internal:2375 "POST /v1.41/images/ HTTP/1.1" 200 None
INFO: {'status': 'The push refers to repository []'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '6816afbbb3be'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '16fdcefba9b2'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': 'ea44e3716f74'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '8607c8c34ac2'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': 'c9109473da10'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '16c770f32328'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '866fb7fffb5e'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '25b3fd43616d'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '957cc3cb8f33'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '31d8693e83b2'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '640439866c2f'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '5d2a276f8b89'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '058670b42da8'}
INFO: {'status': 'Preparing', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '9f54eef41275'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '16c770f32328'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '866fb7fffb5e'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '25b3fd43616d'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '957cc3cb8f33'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '31d8693e83b2'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '640439866c2f'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '5d2a276f8b89'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '058670b42da8'}
INFO: {'status': 'Waiting', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '9f54eef41275'}
INFO: {'status': 'Retrying in 5 seconds', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '8607c8c34ac2'}
INFO: {'status': 'Retrying in 5 seconds', 'progressDetail': {}, 'id': '6816afbbb3be'}

 After several attempts, the error is:

INFO: {'errorDetail': {'message': 'EOF'}, 'error': 'EOF'}
✖ Docker push error: EOF

I have tried it without the slash, "my-image-name" and it's working properly. Also, I've tried it manually, i.e., doing it with the AWS CLI, and it's working with the slash in the name.

Am I doing something wrong?



I have tried the name with an underscore an it's failing too. 

Also, I've forked the project: and I've tried the pipe locally, building the Dockerfile and running a container like:

docker run -it -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx -e AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=xxx -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxxx -e IMAGE_NAME=my-group/my-image-name -w $(pwd) -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock aws-ecr-pipe

 And this has worked. 

So my suspicion is that maybe it's related to how Bitbucket is managing the variable "IMAGE_NAME". 

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For others with similar symptom, but correct naming, check your credentials on AWS. I got the exact same symptom (and therefore found this topic) and it was because I had not setup the policy for bitbucket service user correctly.

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
"Resource": "<accountnumber>.dkr.ecr.<your-region>*"


Vimal I'm New Here May 01, 2022

This solved my issue , thank you !!!

1 vote

Slashes are control characters, indicating escaping or directories.

You will need to escape them in the name of the file if you insist on using them, or adopt the good practice of not using them in file names.

Hi Nic,

I've absolutely the same issue as described above.

- step: 
name: Build Dockerfile and push it to ECR
- docker build -t my-group/my-image-name .
- pipe: atlassian/aws-ecr-push-image:1.5.0
IMAGE_NAME: my-group/my-image-name
DEBUG: "true"

Can you please explain how to escape the image name like my-group/my-image-name? When I tried to add a backslash in the repository variable the docker build failed with the following error:

invalid argument "my-group\\/my-image-name" for "-t, --tag" flag: invalid reference format


0 votes

@mgarcia  hi. So i tested this case and found no issues.

You can find my config here .

As you can see i have IMAGE_NAME  test/bbci-pipes-test-ecr-${BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER} which is equal for my build test/bbci-pipes-test-ecr-186 

I successfully pushed image to ECR.

The only case when i received your error: INFO: {'errorDetail': {'message': 'EOF'}, 'error': 'EOF'}\x1b[0m\n\x1b[31m✖ Docker push error: EOF\x1b[0m\n"
was only when docker image name not the same as provided in pipe variables.

In example you built test/bbci-pipes-test-ecr-186 but tried to push to (without test/ group)

Also our team updated tests to incude case with slashes and will soon release a new patch to include these updates.

Regards, Igor

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 18.08.40.pngScreenshot 2022-09-19 at 18.06.15.png

Added config directly:

  - IMAGE_NAME="test/bbci-pipes-test-ecr-${BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER}"
  - docker build -t ${IMAGE_NAME} .
  - docker image inspect ${IMAGE_NAME}
  - pipe: atlassian/aws-ecr-push-image:1.6.0
  - docker


I was experiencing the same problem. Here's how you can solve it --

Instead of:

IMAGE_NAME: my-group/my-image-name


IMAGE_NAME: my-image-name


Explanation: AWS ECR may contain several repos for your different container images and as far as I'm concerned, ECR repos are not meant to be act as a group like you intended. 

Let me know if this helps.

I received the same error when "-" was in the image name.

And you can't add underscore. Just tested both. I would feel better if unit tests checked for the common naming convention special characters.

Disregard. Error message was the same but the issue was I did not have the Elastic Container Registry created yet.

0 votes

@mgarcia@Igor S_  hi. We will investigate this issue and notify you.

Regards, Igor.

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