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Pipeline can not find data.csv

pascal_schroeer February 24, 2024
I often use pipeline to compile my LaTeX files automatically.
Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-25 um 06.45.32.png
In this case, I have a LaTeX file (Istallation-Plan.tex = root) what is compiling without any doubts until I ask to include the file data.csv.
When I try to include this, I get the following error Message:
! Package pgfplots Error: Could not read table file 'data.csv' in 'search path=
.'. In case you intended to provide inline data: maybe TeX screwed up your end-
of-lines? Try `row sep=crcr' and terminate your lines with `\\' (refer to the p
gfplotstable manual for details).
As you can see in the picture, data.csv IS within the normal LaTeX directory. So why can it not be found?
And what means:
Could not read table file 'data.csv' in 'search path=
The search path .'. means probably the root path or?

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pascal_schroeer February 25, 2024

I solved the problem by myself... I just had to add 

 - cd LaTeX

To change the folder, where LaTeX is performed...

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