Not able to change avatar in Bitbucket

Lukáš Lalinský January 24, 2017

I don't seem to be able to change the avatar for my account on Bitbucket. I go to Bitbucket settings, click on the avatar which takes me to my Atlassian account page, I change the avatar there and I can see it changed there even after reloading the page, but I go back to Bitbucket and it still uses my old avatar. I assumed it just takes some time for the change to replicate to Bitbucket, but I have done this one day ago and it's still not there. And what's worst, the Atlassian account page now shows the old avatar as well. Is this a known problem or is there no way to change my avatar on Bitbucket?

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Tommy Le November 6, 2018

Log into Bitbucket in incognito mode

a_bachman November 6, 2018

I can confirm that this worked for me as well! But wtf atlassian

Like # people like this
quixoticduck November 7, 2018

This worked for me too, thanks :) but how ridiculous to have to do!

Pablo Modernell WS November 15, 2018

This worked for me!

fuadallahverdi August 25, 2023

so it a mistake they did or a joke. That is a question )

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Rob Shearing January 15, 2018

Now a year on and I have the same problem.

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Deleted user June 5, 2018

Can we please have a fix for this? This is ridiculous. Over a year of people not being able to change their avatars. Basic account management functionality.

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dvdmierden July 11, 2018

Unbelievable this is still an issue. Does anyone at bitbucket actually read this or is just for show?

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Lukáš Lalinský January 24, 2017

Hm, and interestingly enough, I see the new avatar on this site. But if I click on the account settings, I get the old one again.

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khedidja Elmrabet May 12, 2017

Same probleme , i can not change the avatar for my account on Bitbucket

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Lukáš Lalinský January 26, 2017

Waiting over two days and still nothing. I don't think the avatar on BB will be changed. smile

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krisrmal January 24, 2017

Keep the avatar whatever you changed. no matter you will see the same old one at the next login attempt. 

Keep it as it is. your changes will be effected after few hours. for instance, if you change it now, just check on tomorrow morning, then your new avatar will be there. laugh


This is just my experience, don't know its a bug or not. 

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dougknudsen January 8, 2023

Jan 2023 and still have to use Chrome vs Firefox to update the Bitbucket Avatar.

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gmb1226 October 6, 2021

Anybody seeing this in 2021.... I had to change the bitbucket workspace avatar via chrome. firefox was broken for me.

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Amanda Fabiani November 3, 2020

Guys the same happened with me, I google for Gravatar and figure out that I had this wordpress blog a long time ago and the profile picture is a Gravatar. Atlassian have this integration and by changing my Gravatar, my profile picture on bitbucket was updated. I hope its help some of you.

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tyronehowe July 15, 2020

Same here :(

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Ted Henry December 8, 2019

Same here!  Bump!

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alex.shakun November 1, 2019

same here

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Dennis J_ Roehner December 7, 2018

same here.

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rzemaitis September 27, 2018

Nothing has changed, still waiting!

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Leandro July 12, 2018

Same problem still happening

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Joshua July 11, 2018

Same for me. been happening for years now

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Rajiv Raman June 28, 2018

I'm experiencing this as well. By bitbucket avatar is the boring old default one. When I try to change it, it shoots me over to Atlassian, where I have one already set.

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luigui_moreno June 6, 2018

Pleasee invalidate the avatar cache when we change the image!

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Florian Degenhardt June 4, 2018

have the same issue

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luigui_moreno May 31, 2018

fuck the avatar, i want to change it

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Paolo_Baesso May 29, 2018

I am having the same problem.

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RD AsiaYo May 21, 2018

same here

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Rui Leal May 15, 2018

Same here.

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