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How to change the mail in the account? I can't solve this issue for days. This is about my safety.

I had a need to urgently change the main mail to another. I couldn't do it and the support answered me only on the second day.
I tried several times to change my mail but it didn’t work and then the system blocked me for 24 hours.
I did not know that the company is so greedy and there is no such support. I need to urgently change my email to another one - how do I do it?
And advise a normal bitbucket alternative

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Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

Where are you trying to change the email?  In your Atlassian account?  Or are you using something else to log into Bitbucket?

I use email for sign-in. Can I change from current email to another  email but I have account on this email

And where are you trying to change it?

I log in to my account- go to manage account - then email 
Can I change from the first email to the second email but I have an account on the second email.. or I need email without Atlassian account 

Right, so the problem is not that you can't change the email address, but that you're trying to change it to one that already has an account.

You will either need to change the email on the other account so you can let the current account be changed to the email, or delete the other account entirely.

Or, if you want to start using the second account instead of the first, add it to the permissions on all your current repositories and projects, and then stop using the current account. (or vice versa)

Ok Got it. I try now. 

I added my second email like the admin to every repo. But if I don't see how can I remove the first email? on the second account, I don't see the first email like admin...

Can I delete repo from the first account or it removes all places?

I try to change the email to another email. The system sent an email to my email without Atlassian account but the system show me the form with the email and I need enter the password BUT it's a new account! Ok, I signed up with a new email, and wow - Your email is associated with another account. What's going on?

and now:

Daily limit reached

The number of email address changes is limited to ensure account security. You can try again after 24 hours.

It sounds like you have now created a third account.

You need to stop randomly ding these things, take a step back and think about where your data is and what accounts have access to what.

  • What repositories, projects, and workspaces can account-1 see?
  • Same for account-2?
  • And account-3?

Which account do you want to actually use for the different places?  Are you trying to consolidate down to one account?

I want change email account only. I can't do this simple method. 2 days I spent and nothing

  • What repositories, projects, and workspaces can account-1 see?

I register account and create all repo

  • Same for account-2?

I havу another account and I assigned for all the repo on first account as an admin for second account but How can I remove first account from all repo?

  • And account-3?

I tried change email and send to my new email without Atlassian account and it not work for me. 

That's because you now have three accounts.  

I can't tell what you are trying to do now.  Consolidate them (dump two and use one)?  Change the email address on one of them to a fourth email address?

I am very sorry, but I am totally lost on what you're trying to achieve now.  I think I know where you are, but it is not clear where you are trying to get to.

Sorry, we posted at the same time - my last comment was a response to the previous one.

So, you now have three accounts.  Atlassian accounts cannot have the same email address; it is the human unique identifier for them.  I will talk here about account-1 having email-1, account-2 having email-2 and so on.

But your last comment, which I posted at the same time, is going in one of the right directions.

  • You have account-2 which has some repos, and has assigned admin to account-1 to those repos as well. 
  • Forget account-3 for now (but if it has any repos, it should do the same as account-2 - grant account-1 admin on them
  • Log in again as account-1, and remove access from all the repos for account-2 and account-3
  • Now you will be able to log in as account-2 and delete it (or change the email address to email-4).  Same for account-3.

Once deleted, you will be able to change the email on account-1 to email-2 or email-3 as you were initially trying to do.

I registered an account for the First account email and created several repo. Then I assigned the Second account email to all repos as admin. When I log into the second account, I see repo only the admin of the second account, but I don’t see the first account like admin. 

Very strange mechanics. I don't see the logic at all.

Support text me their solution. 
I go to the manager account, then I chose the email alias and enter the email and send an email.
My email alias is without Atlassian account. I go to my second email, click on the button confirm- I'm going to bitbucket through the link and I see the form with my second email and field PASS - what next? 

I need to either change mail or migrate repo or remove the first account from those repo. 

Does that all help me? Community... Does anybody help me with this case?

Ok, so I'm now even more confused, as you're not doing what has been reccommended

You say "Very strange mechanics. I don't see the logic at all.".  The logic is simple - you have created several accounts, and not set them up for access to the same things, so they have different access to different things.

The email change is completely secondary, you need to stop thinking about that until you have decided what you want to do with all your accounts.

Your decision is between

  • Consolidating all your various accounts down to a single account
  • Killing off the accounts you don't need, while retaining the handful you want to keep, and working out which should have access to what
  • Keeping all your accounts, but sharing all their content between them

Until you decide on that, there's not a lot you can do.

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