How to change bitbucket server linux home path?


I've installed Bitbucket server in Ubuntu Server 16.04. However, I've made a mistake during installation. I've set Bitbucket home path to BITBUCKET_HOME="/mnt/atlassian/application-data/bitbucket" but I had to set it in /var/...

How could I change it now without loosing the properties already set?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi David,

You can simply stop Bitbucket Server, move the files to the new location and then follow the steps in Bitbucket Server home directory under the heading "Setting the Bitbucket home directory".



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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your quick answer.

I've done it and there are a lot of error in logs who saids that atlbitbucket user has not permisions for the new path. I've check it and for all the path the owner is atlbitbucket user.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.

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