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Bitbucket pipelines - Condition: Run or skip step based on build output

Robin van Tienhoven
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 11, 2022

We have a monorepo that contains about 5 projects. All these projects are build based on the git change history, so if project A is not changed, it is not build. This is al managed by Nx monorepo.

e want to split every deploy into its own step so that we have more control over each project's deployment.

In order to achieve this we need to change our build step so that it only executes if the dist folder contains the portal it is ment to deploy. I've read about the condition configuration, but i cannot find anything about checking build artifacts in a condition instead of the git commit that triggerd the change. So is there a way to skip (or directly pass) a step if the portal is not in the build artifact?

Build step

- step: &build
name: Build
- node
- git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/master
- npm run build
- dist/**

Example Dist artifact

├── dist/
│ ├── login-portal
│ ├── Portal-Y

Our deploy step

- step: &deployLoginPortal
image: amazon/aws-cli:2.4.17
deployment: test
trigger: manual
- aws s3 sync $LOGIN_OUTPUT_PATH s3://$LOGIN_S3_BUCKET/ --acl public-read # Sync the portal
# $LOGIN_OUTPUT_PATH = 'dist/login-portal'

Example condition (does not work)

- $LOGIN_OUTPUT_PATH/** # only run if dist contains changes in $LOGIN_BUILD_PATH

How can I check the build artifact if a specific path exists so that I can execute or skip the build step?

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dziugas_mikalkenas August 5, 2022

as theres no out of the box solution from atlassian, what i did was something like:

- step:
- |
if something exists; then
        echo true > condition.txt
- condition.txt
- step:
- |
if $(cat condition.txt); then
exit 0
- do stuff
i know this is bullshit as it still has to go through `build setup` on each step which check for this condition, which takes time... but its still better than nothing
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Norbert C
Atlassian Team
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February 15, 2022

Hi @Robin van Tienhoven 

Thank you for contacting Atlassian Community, my name is Norbert and I'm a Bitbucket Cloud Support Engineer, it's nice to meet with you! Welcome to the Atlassian Community.

I would like to inform you that the functionality what you're looking for is unfortunately not available. The conditionsets configuration ONLY checks the content of the commit. 

For example if you commit a change to your repository and the change is located in the "includePaths" location, a build will be triggered, but unfortunately we yet to have the feature which checks for artifacts.

Best Regards,
Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud Support

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