Bitbucket datacenter self build on AWS loadbalancer question

Eric Seibert March 30, 2023

I'm building a Bitbucket DC HA cluster on aws ec2 linux and following the prescribed installation steps, the AMI isn't approved by our security team so I had to build it by hand. 


I am at a roadblock with the LB portion I am trying to configure this LB and I can't figure out which way to go since we need an application lb for http/https and a network lb for the ssh 22 > 7999 but you can't point a dns entry to two places,so what solution did you all use for your LB id you did a self-install? I looked at the classic LB but I read that the classic lb is deprecated, and I see the Gateway LB which seems to be a serious overkill.

We aren't using an elastic IP and then setting up our own ha proxy when AWS has a good tool that has awesome features to it, and requires substantially less configuration than setting up ha proxy and nginx and a slew of other things that require lots of hand-crafted maintenance. 

Until I can configure the LB the only thing I can do is access the application, because ssh isn't available unless we set up a second dns entry for the cloning process for ssh.

One other thing I wanted to see what your thoughts were. For the cluster you have to have a network share for the shared directory, what did you use for this I have heard s3 was okay but using the efs isn't compatible. I haven't got the cluster going yet but that will happen as soon as I get the LB set up. 

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Eric Seibert April 4, 2023

For the lb I set up an nlb, then forwarded it to the alb, still trying to figure out whats going on with the ssh issue for doing git clone using ssh but it is up and running,  and I used an EBS /dev/sdf a for my mounts. I have yet to get the other node up and running, once thats done I'll figure out the shared folder concept.

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