Bitbucket cloud webhooks for create pull request doest not trigger Jenkins pipeline build

We have a requirement to trigger a Jenkins Pipeline build when a pull request is created.

Below are the configurations that we have for Bitbucket :

1: Added a webhook with URL with active state


2: Selected radio button Choose from a full list of triggers

3: Selected Pull Request event, Pull Request Created

On the Jenkins side we have below configurations:

1: Poll SCM set to true with a longer interval

2: Discover Branches Strategy: "All Branches"

3: Bitbucket Enpoints > Bitbucket Cloud > Manage Hooks set to checked

Logs on Jenkins server: 

X-Bitbucket-Type header not found. Bitbucket Cloud webhook incoming.

Finished processing com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.hooks.PullRequestHookProcessor$1 CREATED event from  ⇒ http://<JenkinsHost>:<jenkinsport>/bitbucket-scmsource-hook/notify with timestamp  Matched 0.

It seems it is not able to detect the changes as it always says Matched 0.

If we change the trigger from Pull request created to Repo push everything seems to work fine, only Pull request created does not work

Are we missing any specific setting on Bitbucket or Jenkins side? 




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