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Bitbucket application is not launching on browser after installation.

nancy_d_matthews May 12, 2020

After Installation, Following is the message I am getting after starting bitbucket from terminal:

[Bitbucket Dir/bin]$ ./
Starting Atlassian Bitbucket as the current user
Starting bundled Elasticsearch
        Hint: Run --no-search to skip starting Elasticsearch
Bundled Elasticsearch started successfully
Bitbucket is being run with a umask that contains potentially unsafe settings.
The following issues were found with the mask "u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rx" (0002):
 - Access is allowed to 'others'. It is recommended that 'others' be denied
   all access for security reasons.
 - Write access is allowed to 'group'. It is recommend that 'group' be
   denied write access. Read access to a restricted group is recommended
   to allow access to the logs.
The recommended umask for Bitbucket is "u=,g=w,o=rwx" (0027) and can be
configured in
The current open files limit is set to less than 4096
Attempting to increase limit...
        Limit increased to 4096 open files
Starting Bitbucket webapp at http://localhost:7990
The Bitbucket webapp has been started.
If you cannot access Bitbucket within 3 minutes, or encounter other issues, chec                                                                             k the troubleshooting guide at:                                                                             llation
[Bitbucket Dir/bin]$


After this step, No error message. No logs. No process running for bit bucket. 

I am getting following error message on browser when I try to launch bitbucket application: 

Can’t reach this page

Fix connection problems


Could you please help me out?

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Vishal Kharde March 16, 2023

I m facing the same issue. Did you manage to resolve this issue? any suggestions which can help.

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