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Atlassian Jira software image fail to deploy

Dear all,

I am using the follwoing repo of atlassian Jira software that I have imported in Azure Devops

When I build the pipe line and push it to Azure Containers registry it fait to build with the following error snapshot

2021-10-22T10:01:52.0259130Z Removing intermediate container c95a18514fc9
2021-10-22T10:01:52.0260348Z  ---> 64660bffddb7
2021-10-22T10:01:52.0261179Z Step 19/33 : ARG DOWNLOAD_URL=${ARTEFACT_NAME}-${JIRA_VERSION}.tar.gz
2021-10-22T10:01:52.0498874Z  ---> Running in 4371d48732ca
2021-10-22T10:01:53.0238171Z Removing intermediate container 4371d48732ca
2021-10-22T10:01:53.0239358Z  ---> 06950721c91a
2021-10-22T10:01:53.0243339Z Step 20/33 : RUN groupadd --gid ${RUN_GID} ${RUN_GROUP}     && useradd --uid ${RUN_UID} --gid ${RUN_GID} --home-dir ${JIRA_HOME} --shell /bin/bash ${RUN_USER}     && echo PATH=$PATH > /etc/environment     && mkdir -p ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}         && curl -Ls ${DOWNLOAD_URL} | tar -xz --strip-components=1 -C "${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}"         && chmod -R "u=rwX,g=rX,o=rX"                      ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/     && chown -R root.                               ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/     && chown -R ${RUN_USER}:${RUN_GROUP}            ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/logs     && chown -R ${RUN_USER}:${RUN_GROUP}            ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/temp     && chown -R ${RUN_USER}:${RUN_GROUP}            ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/work         && sed -i -e 's/^JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS=""$/: \${JVM_SUPPORT_RECOMMENDED_ARGS:=""}/g' ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/bin/     && sed -i -e 's/^JVM_\(.*\)_MEMORY="\(.*\)"$/: \${JVM_\1_MEMORY:=\2}/g' ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/bin/     && sed -i -e 's/-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=\([0-9]\+[kmg]\)/-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=${JVM_RESERVED_CODE_CACHE_SIZE:=\1}/g' ${JIRA_INSTALL_DIR}/bin/         && touch /etc/container_id     && chown ${RUN_USER}:${RUN_GROUP}               /etc/container_id     && chown -R ${RUN_USER}:${RUN_GROUP}            ${JIRA_HOME}
2021-10-22T10:01:53.0449759Z  ---> Running in e26b3a9c12f9
2021-10-22T10:01:54.2063902Z gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
2021-10-22T10:01:54.2064499Z tar: Child returned status 1
2021-10-22T10:01:54.2064962Z tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

"Stdin not in gzip format"

 Any idea why it can not be build and I get this error ?


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