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1MB memory address space access and linker scriptings for real mode programs

Chris Hoy
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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May 15, 2023

Today I was investigating the basics for real mode programs and sub-systems. I'm prototyping a build of a minimal graphical BIOS on int 10h till I realized that my object files only address until 0xFFFF (64 kb). Now that isn't including any of the boot sequence that leaves only a small fraction of the 1MB of use so I'm trying to modify the settings or configurations for more regular use.

Here is where I was looking into the linker scriptings. As is I had a simple mapping method that graphs a full screen and I was going to add a second map to save changes

The algebra is simple for this (int 10 mode 0x13 => 320x200 = 40x25x(8)(8)=2560(25) )
When I increment this instruction past row 5 of the settings

times 2560*6 db 0
.stub: equ $-Map2

I get an LMA overlap section from my ld script.So I was trying to research ld's scripting language but the online references are fewer than I had hoped. Currently I was trying to add a

INCLUDE linkcmds.memory
into the link.ld for the new memory command however I now get a "relocation truncated to fit R_386_16 against `.data

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