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new pull request experience is missing features that old pull request experience had

Carl Stewart February 19, 2021

I'm now being forced to use the new pull request experience and it is missing features that I used in the old pull request experience:

  • it does not show the list of jira tasks that was mentioned in the commits
  • it does not show me a list of files in text format that changed that I can easily copy to a text file.

I'd rather have the old pull request experience because the new one is useless to me without these features.



Ming Gong
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 1, 2021

Hello Carl,


We would love to learn more here to help you.

  • Our Jira card in the sidebar is design to show Jira issues from your commits. If you feel this is not the case, would you open a support ticket and our team will take a look?
  • Our diff and file list display does not support this today. Can you tell us why you create lists of changed files and what you use them fore?

Thank you again for your feedback. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Carl Stewart March 2, 2021

The previous format of pull requests was very similar to commits.  It showed a list of files that I could easily copy the full path of.  Here's an example:

commit ui format.png

The bottom left is where I'd be able to copy the list of files so I can see which files change.

We have software that uses a common set of source code that we need to copy to multiple locations whenever the main location is updated, with a few settings that remain unique for each piece of software.  So I need a complete list that is easily able to be copied and pasted into a text file that I then turn into a script to update the other locations.

The file tree on the left in the new pull request format is absolutely useless to me because it never shows me the full path that I can highlight and copy.  It only shows me it when I hover over it as a tool tip.

On the right is where the linked jira tasks that were mentioned in commit messages, that would then be shown to me that I could right click on and select to open in a new tab to check what the changes were for.  That is no longer there and when the jira tasks are highlighted in commit messages in the UI as a url, even if I right click on it to open in a new tab, it opens a new tab and it sends the current tab to the jira task.  That is frustrating and very annoying as it means I need to duplicate the current tab of the pull request for every linked jira task so I can just click on the linked jira task to be sent to the jira task.

And when showing the list of differences for each file, it doesn't even show the full path to the file, it compresses it down so it fits in the area it is allotted for, only showing the beginning of the file path and the end of the file path, removing the middle part.

I also noticed the the merge button is now in a list, but the approve button is still on its own.  When I create the pull request it looks like this:

pull request buttons.JPG

But when someone else creates it and is assigned to me as a reviewer, merge is part of the drop down button.

I stayed on the old pull request format for a reason since I absolutely hated this one.  If this was feature incomplete, it should have never been deployed.

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Basel Nabelsi
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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June 11, 2024

I find the new design less user-friendly compared to the old version. In the previous design, it was very beneficial to see all relevant information on one page without needing to navigate through multiple tabs to view file changes and other details. This one-page view was efficient and saved time, especially during busy development periods.

The new design, with its increased need for clicking through different sections to access what used to be readily available, significantly slows down my workflow. I believe that an effective design should minimize the need for excessive navigation, and I kindly request that consideration be given to reintroducing some aspects of the old design, or at least reducing the number of interactions required to access information about file changes.

Thank you for considering this feedback. I look forward to enhancements that might bring back some of the simplicity and efficiency we had before.


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