Using a private docker image registry with pipelines

Rob van der Lee May 30, 2018

We've got a private registry where we store our development/production images. Whenever I've changed the ./Dockerfile to use this image it stopped working in pipelines.

Something like this fails in my current testing setup and I cannot figure out why...

# authenticate with the Docker Hub registry
- docker pull $PRIVATE_REGISTRY:443/imagename

Docker build fails the same way. It will end up throwing a no basic auth error"

Error response from daemon: Get repository/image: no basic auth credentials

Wierd thing is, that when I manually run the same commands on my desktop it works. I've sanity checked that within the CI the ~/.docker/config.json contains the right values.

Docker login gives back `Login Succeeded`... I have the feeling that something within the CI might run under other users. I hope somebody has struggled with this already in the hopes to resolve this or debug to why this happens.

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Ken Gichia January 28, 2019

Does this help?

Rob van der Lee January 28, 2019

Well, we've figured it all out. At the time there was an issue with pipelines and we fixed that with a few commando's in the pipelines file itself. They have long fixed this and my post is no longer relevant.


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