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Structure/organization in Bitbucket Cloud

Fabregas4 July 16, 2020

We just got Bitbucket Cloud and I'm gonna be migrating our svn repos to it. I'm thinking about how to organize things.

Bitbucket introduces 2 organization concepts, workspaces and projects. When creating a new repo, you specify the workspace and then the project (projects are specific to a workspace).

The workspace affects the git URL. Your repo's URL will be The workspace names are on a first-come first-serve basis. For example you can't use 'atlassian' as your workspace name since it's already taken. I created a workspace with the name OurCompanyName to reserve it.

Projects seem to be only a basic web interface thing, a simple way to view related repos part of the same project. I guess it becomes more useful as the number of repos grows high.

I can see two approaches:

1) A single flat workspace,, with repos like proj1-repo1.git, proj1-repo2.git, proj1-commonsubmodule.git

2) One workspace per project, so,,

Both work, but the 2nd seems way messier and I'd also be worried about some malicious unrelated user snatching up names like OurCompanyName-something and preventing us from using it. Also I can't seem to find a way to list all workspaces, you have to start typing their names to find them. Not great for discoverability.

How do you organize your repos? One flat workspace?

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mdgmichael July 28, 2020

I work on a company team with several dozen active repositories, and we do just fine with a single flat workspace. As you say, "Projects" aren't much more than an organizational taxonomy, and you can freely create/change/delete projects, or move repos between projects, without affecting any functional elements like URLs.

Administrative options—like user/group management, permissions, and billing—are also set at the workspace level, so if you're at all likely to upgrade to a paid plan in the future, a single workspace is going to make your life much easier.

I should note that my team uses BitBucket purely for version control. We don't use Jira, Trello, or any other project management integrations, so I can't speak to how those features might incentivize you toward having multiple workspaces.


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