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Manually fixing merge conflicts locally and pushing does not update pull request status

rshakespear March 14, 2018

Here is my scenario: I have a feature branch that has a pull request with the target being the develop branch. There is a merge conflict in the feature branch, and I get a warning on the pull request that says I must manually resolve the conflict. 

I follow the steps as outlined: I check out develop locally and update it. I then check out my feature branch and merge develop into it, resolving any conflicts. I then push my feature branch to the repository. This action should update the pull request to show that the merge conflicts have been resolved, but nothing changes and I cannot merge the pull request. 

So, I decide to locally merge my feature branch into develop. When I do this I merge the feature branch into develop and push develop to the remote. Again, I expect the open pull request to update in some way, but nothing happens. I'm stuck with an open pull request that I can do nothing with. 

This type of problem has happened to me 3 times in the last several days. Once as described above with merge conflicts, and twice with just having the develop branch be ahead of the feature branch (I hadn't pulled the latest to the develop branch and locally merged that into my feature branches. Same result, though, in that I had a pull request that would not allow me to merge and pushing merged code wouldn't update the pull request).

This feels like a bug, or configuration issue.

I found this support item, and am wondering if this may be part of my problem:


Anyone else seeing this, or know how to resolve this?



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