Bitbucket cloud allows ONLY read access using key pairs

ZeetixTom June 9, 2018

Now that so many of us are migrating to bitbucket after the dark side acquisition of github, it will help a LOT if the bitbucket migration guide states clearly that:

The free "bitbucket cloud" account does NOT allow key pairs to be used to push changes.

My keypair access works fine (it's easy to set up, just like github). I can pull just fine.

What I discovered, after the fact (and after migrating 5 repos), is that the dashboard DOES NOT allow me to change the key access away from "read". The Atlassian documentation I've found for changing this applies ONLY to "Bitbucket server" accounts.

I don't mind paying for "bitbucket server", I already paid for github and price is NOT the reason I'm ditching github. Please do me, and us, the favor of being clear about what your offerings do and do not do.

Now I have to go create a "Bitbucket Server" account and apparently do these imports all over again.

Please ... don't be evil.

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ZeetixTom June 9, 2018

I found the answer.

Each bitbucket user account also includes key access. I was looking at the "key access" setting on the dashboard of a specific repo.

When I added my key to my user settings, all was fine.

The UI and documentation might perhaps be more explicit about this.


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