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Bitbucket 7.4.0 code font problems in PRs


Starting with 7.4.0, the code font in the PRs is very small and is very ugly (too narrow), compared to the other fonts in the page. We have difficulties reading the code because of that font.

Why was the reason for chosing this ugly font instead of the classic ones: Consolas, DejaVu, Droid, etc... and this cannot even be changed!

See in the below photo how big is the font for files and how small is for the code.

If I try to zoom, everything in the page becomes huge...




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Hi @Taw Moto,

We haven't changed the monospace font used in pull requests in Bitbucket Server 7.4.0, what was the previous version you were on, that didn't have the issue?

Our monospace font stack, used for code rendering, is the following:

'SFMono-Medium', 'SF Mono', 'Segoe UI Mono', 'Roboto Mono', 'Ubuntu Mono', Menlo, Consolas, Courier, monospace
Matthieu Di Berardino
Bitbucket Server Developer

hi @Matt Di Berardino  thank you for the answer (we used BitBucket 6.9.1 before). it seems that although I had many of that fonts, BitBucket did not recognize them. But I installed Roboto Mono and it works nicer now.

I have some mentions/questions.

1. Please note that "Ubuntu Mono" is not a font, it's somekind of symlink, it would have nice to add a real font like DejaVu Sans Mono, it's in the top most used fonts for programming.

2. Are there any future plans to have the font (also size) customizable? I would like to have DejaVu there, it's a great font.

3. Are there any future plans to have a dark theme in the PRs? Most developers use dark themes now and it's not really good for the eyes to switch from dark IDE to light PRs.

@Taw Moto glad that you are happier with the rendering using Roboto Mono.

1. The font family stack I pasted above is common to all Atlassian Server products. Feel free to raise a suggestion on our Jira tracker to have DejaVu Sans Mono added to our default monospace stack.

2. We have no current plans to allow customization of the font and its size. Since Bitbucket Server has a web based UI though, it is possible to use a web browser plugin to inject style on the page to selectively replace the font as you wish (at your own risk :-) ).

3. We do not have current plans to support dark theme in Bitbucket Server. Rest assured that we do know that this is a highly requested feature, and our Product Managers keep this in mind :-)

@Matt Di Berardino thank you for the answers.

1. Is there a particular reason to not allow the font customization in the future?

2. Same question as above. You say that you knoow that is a highly requested feature but you don't have any plans to support dark themes, although the trend is to allow dark themes in everything (web, mobile, desktop). For me this is not understable...also maybe the PM's do not write code, maybe they don't care. :-)


I don't understand how Atlassian handles such requests, I voted another request regarding enabling multiple colors in the Jira Epics and after a lot of complaining and harsh customers and after 2-3 years you guys increased from 7 to 18 (or so). Still they are not customizable.

It's really painful to see that many people dislike Atlassian(based on many polls and twitter posts) because they (we) feel that our opinions do not matter, contrary to JetBrains who is very flexibile and friendly on such requests.

Is this a company culture maybe? Sorry, I am just trying to understand, it's just a pitty because with our help (the customers), Atlassian products could really be great. 


Sorry that you feel that Atlassian products are letting you down, @Taw Moto. I can only answer that this is a matter of priority and budgeting.

We do care about user feedback. And since we are users of our own products, we also want these features and improvements that you mention. But I am sure that you understand the balance between priority, resources and time that all software teams are facing, and we are unfortunately no different. We do strive to do our best.

Hi @Matt Di Berardino of course I understand the priorities, I am a developer too. 

I found the "epic colors problem", just to give you an example (opened in 2012, not fixed in 2014, although the bug says so) (this is the proper fix in 2018, but still is not configurable)

Again, I know it's not your fault, sometimes we, developers, want to implement stuff but the PMs say "no". :-)


Thanks again for your help.

And I want to report a bug. Pay your attention


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