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Automatic merging branch after versioning change

Eric Chauvin May 30, 2022

i have some branches like : 

  • release/version/1.0.0
  • release/Version/1.0.1
  • ....


I was working very fine, but we decided to change version numbering to release/version/22.1.1 but now we don't have anymore the automatic merging with the last one, we have like this : 


feature/test => release/version/1.0.0 => release/version/1.0.1 => devel

instead of 

feature/test => release/version/1.0.0 => release/version/1.0.1 => release/version/22.1.1 => devel


How can we solve this issue ? looks like bitbucket does not understand that 22.1.1 is greater that 1.0.1


is there any limitation when we change major version ?

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Eric Chauvin June 1, 2022

i finally solved the issue by using format like : release/version_a.b.c


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