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Git LFS v3.0.1 includes backwards incompatible changes with Bitbucket Data Center & Server

The newly released Git LFS 3.0.1 client includes backwards incompatible changes that break functionality with Bitbucket Data Center & Server 7.16.0 and below. We have released Bitbucket 7.16.1 which includes fixes and support for Git LFS 3.0.1. If you’re using Git LFS, do not upgrade to the 3.0.1 client until you have upgraded your server to 7.16.1 or above.

If you attempt to use Git LFS 3.0.1 and your Bitbucket server has not been upgraded, you will see an error similar to the following:

Error downloading object: galaxy1.jpg (4fa32d6): Smudge error: Error downloading galaxy1.jpg (4fa32d6f9b1461c4a53618a47324e243e36ce7ceae72ad440cc811a7e6881be3):
batch request: Bitbucket cannot execute 'git-lfs-authenticate /myproject/myrepo.git download'. The command is not supported as entered.

If you have upgraded your Git LFS client to 3.0.1, you will need to either downgrade to the previous version you were using or upgrade Bitbucket to 7.16.1.

If you’re using Bitbucket Cloud, it already supports the breaking changes made in the Git LFS 3.0.1 client.


Watcharin Torwong November 8, 2021

Good idea 👍

Yeltsin Martin November 11, 2021

can someone let me know how to downgrade Git LFS client to a previous version ?

Like Sébastien Bérubé likes this
Dieter Guthmann November 26, 2021

Does Bitbucket Server LTS-Release 7.17 also supports LFS 3.0-Clients?


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