Bitbucket pipelines Stages is now in open beta

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Bitbucket Pipelines Stages has entered open beta.

Stages allow grouping pipeline steps with shared properties, such as grouping deployment steps. See the pipeline configuration example below:

- step:
name: Build app
- sh ./
- stage:
name: Deploy to production
deployment: production
- step:
name: Deploy
- sh ./
- step:
name: Run post deployment verification
- sh ./

Splitting deployments into multiple steps has benefits, such as:

  • Better visibility of the deployment progress in the UI

  • A failed step can be rerun without requiring to start deployment from the beginning.

  • More flexible configuration for different parts of the deployment process like build image or step size.

  • Deployment variables can be accessed from any step in a deployment stage.

  • Steps in a stage are deployed as a logically grouped unit. Deployment stages will benefit from deployment permissions and concurrency control.

For more details and limitations see:

Bitbucket Pipelines Stages are available to everyone, please try it out, we’d appreciate any and all feedback. If you have any issues please raise a support ticket.

Happy coding!


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Alex Bailey December 1, 2022

The limitations for stages make this a non-starter for us. Not being able to run steps in parallel within a stage is a complete blocker for the feature. It would increase our build times significantly. Hopefully this limitation is solved in a future release.

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