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ls-remote fails unable to negotiate with

Paul Sanfilippo February 21, 2022

Bamboo Agent attempts to do a checkout from Bitbucket and fails with:

GitCommandException: command git.exe ls-remote ssh://<numbers-redacted>@<portNum>/<repo-path>.git] failed with code 128.

Unable to negotiate with port <portNum>: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-rsa


Why is Bamboo Agent running the command against localhost instead of the repository URL?

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is this related to the public key generated by Bamboo Server?


I've tried copying the public key that Bamboo generated into Bitbucket and redefining the repository in Bamboo.

I can access my repository on the computer running Bamboo Agent from the command line.

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Angus Wu August 11, 2023

This may be due to the deprecation of ssh-rsa signature scheme from OpenSSH 8.8.

Related issue -

Denis Margine August 11, 2023

Thanks @Angus Wu the work arounds in the JIRA seem to work!

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Denis Margine August 11, 2023

I'm also running into this issue now. I've upgraded MacOS to Ventura 13.5 and now all of the sudden the agent fails with similar errors.


If I run the build on the built-in agent (Ubuntu), then this error doesn't show up and I move to the next stage (that will fail for expected reasons).


@Paul Sanfilippo did you solve the problem?

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