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how to configure window's bamboo agent with bamboo server installed on Linux server

Manjunatha NS January 16, 2020

Hi Team,

i have installed bamboo server on Linux machine and i wanted to configure window's server as a agent, can you please explain how to do this  

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Shankar Asam {Appfire}
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January 16, 2020
Manjunatha NS January 17, 2020

Hi Shankar,


Thanks for the details , window’s agent is failed to start with below error, please check and advise


Error log:


2020-01-17 07:44:49,390 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgent] Starting Bamboo Remote Agent...

2020-01-17 07:44:49,390 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgent] Starting application context...

2020-01-17 07:44:49,437 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgent$1] Refreshing$1@6f1116c0: startup date [Fri Jan 17 07:44:49 PST 2020]; root of context hierarchy

2020-01-17 07:44:50,796 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgentHomeLocatorForBootstrap] Using agent home located at [C:\Users\Administrator\bamboo-agent-home]

2020-01-17 07:44:50,796 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgentHomeDirectoryLayout] Plugin directory: C:\Users\Administrator\bamboo-agent-home\plugins

2020-01-17 07:44:50,812 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgentHomeDirectoryLayout] Plugin cache directory: C:\Users\Administrator\bamboo-agent-home\caches\plugins

2020-01-17 07:44:50,843 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [RemoteAgentHomeLocatorForBootstrap] Using agent home located at [C:\Users\Administrator\bamboo-agent-home]

2020-01-17 07:44:51,093 WARN [AgentRunnerThread] [AgentConfiguration] Configuration file does not exist. Creating File: bamboo-agent.cfg.xml

2020-01-17 07:44:51,202 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [AgentUuidInitializer] Found agent UUID 'b7ad9942-a8ee-4629-8e82-7aec7704c85b' in temporary UUID file 'C:\Users\Administrator\bamboo-agent-home\'

2020-01-17 07:44:51,202 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [AgentConfiguration] Setting UUID in main config file to 'b7ad9942-a8ee-4629-8e82-7aec7704c85b'

2020-01-17 07:44:51,218 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [BambooActiveMQConnectionFactory] Setting broker URL to 'failover:(tcp://'

2020-01-17 07:44:51,452 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [BambooActiveMQConnectionFactory] Broker URI: tcp:// is valid.

2020-01-17 07:44:51,999 WARN [AgentRunnerThread] [ConfigurationFactory] No configuration found. Configuring ehcache from ehcache-failsafe.xml  found in the classpath: jar:file:/C:/Users/Administrator/bamboo-agent-home/classpath/ehcache-2.7.5.jar!/ehcache-failsafe.xml

2020-01-17 07:44:52,155 WARN [AgentRunnerThread] [ResourceResolver] Unable to find resource

2020-01-17 07:44:52,155 INFO [AgentRunnerThread] [DefaultAgentCapabilityManagerImpl] Failed to load

2020-01-17 07:44:53,093 WARN [Felix:Startup] [DefaultComponentRegistrar] Host component buildDefinitionConverter of instance com.atlassian.bamboo.fieldvalue.BuildDefinitionConverter@508648f7 has no interfaces

2020-01-17 07:44:53,374 INFO [FelixStartLevel] [ChainActivator] Blueprint API detected; enabling Blueprint Container functionality

2020-01-17 07:44:53,390 INFO [FelixStartLevel] [LoggingActivator] Starting [org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender] bundle v.[2.0.0.BUILD-atlassian-m002]

2020-01-17 07:44:53,468 INFO [FelixStartLevel] [ExtenderConfiguration] Detected extender custom configurations at {bundle://2.0:0/META-INF/spring/extender/spring-event-bridge.xml}

2020-01-17 07:44:53,483 INFO [FelixStartLevel] [OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext] Refreshing OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext(bundle=org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender, config=bundle://2.0:0/META-INF/spring/extender/spring-event-bridge.xml): startup date [Fri Jan 17 07:44:53 PST 2020]; root of context hierarchy

2020-01-17 07:44:53,499 ERROR [FelixDispatchQueue] [FelixOsgiContainerManager] Framework error in bundle org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender

org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Activator start error in bundle org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.extender [4].

                at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.activateBundle(

                at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.startBundle(

                at org.apache.felix.framework.Felix.setActiveStartLevel(


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