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What is use of 'useLocalLicenseKey' key in bamboo pipeline

mneetesh September 20, 2023

Does anyone know the use case of this 'useLocalLicenseKey' key in bamboo pipeline under Clover, please let me know or point out to me to a documentation?

Thanks for the help.

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alok m April 11, 2024

The useLocalLicenseKey key within a Bamboo pipeline configuration, particularly under the Clover integration, is used to specify whether Bamboo should use a Clover license key that is locally configured within the pipeline or job, as opposed to using the global Clover license key configured in the Bamboo server's global settings.

Clover is a tool for Java and Groovy code that provides test coverage metrics to help improve code quality. It integrates with Bamboo for continuous integration and testing workflows, allowing you to generate reports on code coverage as part of your build process.

When you integrate Clover into your Bamboo build plan, you can specify a Clover license in two ways:

  1. Global License: A single Clover license key can be added to the Bamboo server's global settings. This license is then used by default for all build plans and jobs within Bamboo that utilize Clover for code coverage.
  2. Local License: Alternatively, you can specify a license key directly within a build plan or job's configuration. This is where the useLocalLicenseKey comes into play. By setting this key to true, you tell Bamboo to use a Clover license key defined specifically for that plan or job, rather than the global license key.

Use Case

The useLocalLicenseKey setting is useful in scenarios where:

  • You have multiple teams or projects within the same Bamboo instance that require different Clover license keys. This could be due to licensing restrictions, project separation, or billing purposes.
  • You are testing or evaluating a new Clover license in a specific project or build plan without affecting the rest of the Bamboo instance.


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