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View of all bamboo plans for a git branch

Pavel Matyska October 4, 2019


Is there a page on bamboo which shows all plan results (red/green, passed/failed, how do you name it) for one git branch?

We have a large repo with linked projects. We manage to split plans to test our project independently. We used one repository per plan because we need to use filter where the change in the code occured. This is why we cannot use linked repository. Also we want to branch different plans for different git branches. Then we want to see how those plans for particular branch are passing or failing all together on one page. We tried it on "Branch status" page, but it shows linked repositories only. Default view of the project do not show plan branches either. Is there a page that we can use? Give it some additional URL argument for example? Or is it possible to change view of the dashboard to show plan branch results in collapsed sub-table? Just a thoughts

Thank you for any response.


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Curtis October 4, 2019


It sounds like what you are looking for is what Bamboo calls "Plan Branches". In your Bamboo Plan, you can go to the branches tab, and configure how to create the Plan Branches. The default is manually, but it can automatically do it when a Pull Request or branch is created. You can also filter on branches matching a regular expression.

Upon changes to any of the branches, Bamboo will run the build plan against the code in that branch.

When viewing that plan, you can view all the branches, and see which ones are building successfully and which are failing.

Hope this helps!

Pavel Matyska October 6, 2019


Yes, that is what we did. We made branches of our plans based on git branches in one repository. Now we want to see all plans (plan statuses) that runs over same git branch on one page. Is that possible?

We can see all branches from one bamboo plan, this is NOT what we want in this case.

Thank you.

Curtis October 7, 2019

Rereading your original post, and what you just said, I think I understand now.

You have multiple Bamboo Plans, building the same branch in the same repo (just in different ways), and want to see that branches build status, on all the Bamboo Plans it was built?

Pavel Matyska October 8, 2019

Yes, that is our intent. We want to view all bamboo plans for one git branch on one page similar to Project dashboard page, but for that chosen branch.

Curtis October 8, 2019

From what I can tell, I don't think Bamboo can do what you are looking for through its web interface. I think it is a little beyond the usual scope for how builds are used and looking to be viewed.

I was thinking how you could setup several jobs in the build, to do the various build attempts. The problem here would be, if one job failed, it would fail the entire build, and this could affect things if you use the Bamboo deployment system.

Unless there is something in the Marketplace I'm not aware of, I think you might have to build this view yourself.

Pavel Matyska October 9, 2019

Ok, so we did not miss anything. Thank you for your time and responses. It is up to us to make that view now. Thank you.

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