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Run PowerShell Core 6.x or 7.x script from Bamboo script task

Vitalii C_ December 23, 2020

Hello, colleagues.

Is there any way to run  PowerShell Core 6 or 7 from  a standard Bamboo script task on a  Bamboo agent that works on Windows Server 2016 LTSC (I guess same will apply to Windows Server 2019)?

I went through task documentation and I discovered that there's no mention about support for these PowerShell versions.

PowerShell 6 and 7 are more robust and have lots of improvements if we compare them with PowerShell base 5.1 (which was shipped in windows server 2016). 

However, Microsoft had changed significantly a way of installation and even PowerShell.exe named differently:

  • PowerShell.exe is now pwsh.exe;
  • Different folders are in use for modules and profiles then for the 5.1, etc.;

It looks like it won't work by default.


So, any ideas or road maps about this?

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Alistair.Mackay January 9, 2021

Hi @Vitalii C_ 

Assuming you have done a standard installation of PowerShell Core on your build agent image, then it should work if you place your PowerShell in a script file, then using  cmd.exe task, run it like so

pwsh.exe -File yourscript.ps1


If using Linux build agents with PowerShell core, you can inline PowerShell script with the appropriate shebang in a shell script task

#!/usr/bin/env pwsh

Get-ChildItem ...
Vitalii C_ January 10, 2021

Hi, @Alistair.Mackay

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

Thanks for sharing.

But my question is not about proxy call from command task, but about ability to run inline/file PowerShell script with a script task.

So, again, thanks for sharing.

I have the same idea about file-based  proxy call approach if I will figure out that my scenario above is not an option.


Also, I will mark you reply as "accepted", because it's covering part of the solution.

Alistair.Mackay January 11, 2021

AFAIK there's no way currently to run inline PowerShell Core script tasks in Bamboo on Windows agents, not until Atlassian or a 3rd party provides a task plugin for it. Only with the above mechanism on Linux agents can you run inline.

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