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Repository Commit task triggers build, explicit exclusion still triggers spec update

FrankyG September 6, 2020

As part of my deploy I am updating a .version file in the repository and committing via a Repository Commit task.
The message of this commit is "AUTO: Updated release version"

According to the doco Bamboo should automatically ignore commits made via a Repository Commit task, but instead I got an infinite loop that I had to manually kill. (Due to an unrelated issue it kept appending to the release version "1.0.0_(2)_(2)_(2)_(2)_(2)_(2)_(2)...")

Next I tried setting an "Exclude changesets" pattern on the Linked Repository:Bamboo - Linked Repo - Failing exclusion.png

This was a partial success in that it didn't trigger a build, but it did trigger a plan change (my .version file is in the bamboo-specs folder)

Bamboo-changes detected.png

I presume this partial success indicates that the regex is working, but the behavious is not as I'd expect. I tried a few variations just in case, same result for each.



Finally I tried settings an "Exclude files" pattern. Same as above - the spec configuration is updated but a build does't trigger.

Bamboo - Linked Repo - Working exclusion.png

I'm on Bamboo 7.1.1 (70117), using Java Specs from source control (via the Linked Repo)


Can anyone tell me if

a) The behaviour of the Repository Commit task is correct or a bug

b) The behaviour of the change detection exclusion is expected


I'm getting used to things not working quite right with bamboo specs, so it would be great to get another opinion on whether my expectations are wrong or if something really is behaving oddly.




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