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Jenkins vs Bamboo

Ashish Yadav April 24, 2015

I am currently using Jenkins. I have 1 master Jenkins Server and 6 slave Jenkins servers.

In Bamboo, how many concurrent build jobs can I run on the master/main server?

If I have 6 Jenkins slave servers today, do I need 6 remote agents?

How many concurrent build jobs can I run on the remote servers?

What limitations does Bamboo currently have in comparison to Jenkins?

Can Bamboo support individual and project (job) bases file permissions?

Can Bamboo support nodejs and npm?

Once I install Bamboo, do I need any additional add-ons or plugins like I currently have with Jenkins?

Please answer my above questions so that I can evaluate Bamboo and see if it is a fit for our current infrastructure and replace Jenkins.

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qainterview April 24, 2015

you can control job's access in bamboo via the permissions in the job


slave and agents are equivalent. so you can replace 6 jenkins slaves with 6 bamboo agents. In fact for easy migration, you can probably just install the bamboo agent on the same jenkins slaves and just disable jenkins slaves.


Avinash Sunnasy June 12, 2018

I am still confused on the Bamboo terminology, which is making it difficult to understand the pricing options. 


Bamboo appears to be very expensive if I have to replace my jenkins slaves with remote agents. We have 20 jenkins slaves, that would cost $8800 per year!

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Ashish Yadav April 24, 2015

Thanks Ali.

As for the job based file permissions, I currently have a matrix based plugin installed.

Currently, I can control what jobs a user can view, edit, delete, build. I can control permissions down to the job level rather than a role (developer, team, admin) level.

Lastly, do I need 6 remote agents if I currently have 6 Jenkins slaves? Meaning one remote agent is equivalent to a slave server in Jenkins terminology. Correct?

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qainterview April 24, 2015

bamboo and jenkins both have to notion of 'number of executors' per slave/agent. You can run concurrent builds on the same slave/agent if you think you have enough horse power. Some builds jobs might be very cpu/memory heavy and running concurrent builds on the same slave/agent might not be a good idea.

Bamboo does have a limit of 100 agents connected to the master and in my experience bamboo gets somewhat unstable around 85 agents.

Jenkins does not have this limit but you really need to tweak both Jenkins and Bamboo to scale it to more than 100 slaves.


What do you mean by job based file permissions ?

Bamboo plugin eco system is much smaller as compared to Jenkins. However, you should see what you are after and maybe Bamboo's plugins are good enough for you use case.

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