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Java specs, single pipeline for multiple projects/repos

Andrea_Di_Lisio February 17, 2020


I'm really interested in adopting Bamboo's CasC model, but I'm currently struggling a bit to find best practices/docuementations/tutorial to implement the below scenario:

I have 50+ (Java) projects, each one living in a separate repository on Bitbucket. Thus, 50+ repository. I would like to have a common shared Pipeline for all of them. 

How to achieve this? 

I managed to create a project specific pipeline (held in bamboo-specs folder), but I cannot afford having 50+ different pipeline definition, as tasks defined in this pipeline might change over time...

What I would like to have ideally is a project independent repo containing only the pipeline definition... and somehow instruct Bamboo to fire the defined stage/jobs/tasks every time a new push is made on any branch of the above mentioned 50+ repos.

Is this somehow feasible (without hardcoding repo references in pipeline project) ? 

My company CI runs on Bamboo 6.8.1. 

Thanks a lot, 


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Ian Rossi
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 25, 2020

The approach that we are trying to take is to place the standard pipeline code into a Java library (JAR file hosted in our own Maven repo) and then just import that library in the Java project repo's bamboo-specs folder. We have something working, but we're hitting an issue where Bamboo's SecurityManager is restricting our use of certain calls that it considers to be dangerous.

I hope that helps, but let me know if you want more details.



Andrea_Di_Lisio March 2, 2020

Hello Ian, thanks for your reply. 

Importing the code as a library is also an option for us, but as per first attempts we were not able to do so.

What we did is: 

- we created a library (with bamboo java spec mvn dependencies) containing all our pipeline related code;

- imported the above one in a pilot project

- Tried to run the pipeline on Bamboo but remote maven installation was not able to resolve our custom library (even if it's published on a private nexus repo and available for download). As per bamboo's logs it seems that pom.xml file (defined in bamboo-specs folder) gets cleaned from custom dependencies... Have you maybe experienced something like mentioned in this thread ?

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