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Is there a Helm chart or a Dockerfile for latest Bamboo?

Deleted user May 11, 2018

Anybody knows where to find Helm chart or a Dockerfile for the latest Bamboo version?

2 answers

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Hi thanks a lot. That seems promising. Can you shed some light how you would provide lets say npm/node for a build pipeline to consume in this particular setup without altering the Dockerfile?


11-May-2018 10:09:45 Build working directory is /var/atlassian/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/SUS-ALL-JOB1

11-May-2018 10:09:45 Executing build SaveUp Scrum - Entire Env Build - Default Job #14 (SUS-ALL-JOB1-14)

11-May-2018 10:09:45 Starting task 'Checkout the Big 5' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.vcs:task.vcs.checkout'

11-May-2018 10:09:45 Updating source code to revision: f37b9af7de17c510bf1cc3f636be1b2a46e181fd

11-May-2018 10:09:45 Fetching 'refs/heads/develop' from ''.

11-May-2018 10:09:46 Checking out revision f37b9af7de17c510bf1cc3f636be1b2a46e181fd.

11-May-2018 10:09:47 HEAD is now at f37b9af... changes wording emails

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Updated source code to revision: f37b9af7de17c510bf1cc3f636be1b2a46e181fd

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Finished task 'Checkout the Big 5' with result: Success

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Running pre-build action: VCS Version Collector

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Skipping execution of task 'First Test' as it is disabled

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Starting task 'Install Modules' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.bamboo-nodejs-plugin:task.builder.npm'

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Using isolated cache directory: /opt/atlassian/bamboo/temp/bamboo-nodejs-plugin/npm-cache-131073

11-May-2018 10:09:47 Unable to find executable at /usr/local/bin/npm. Will try to run it anyway.


Hi Stephan,

It depends on your current license tier.

For local agents, Bamboo will only use the capabilities installed in the same container the server is running, it means that you'll need to adjust the Dockerfile to install the requirements of your build pipeline. In the other hand, If your license allows you to have a remote agent, you can run it in a different container and use this remote agent to run your builds.

My colleague also maintains a Dockerfile with the minimum requirements to run remote agents in a docker container, you can use it as a reference to create your own.

Interesting reading:

Difference between Local agents and Remote Agents


0 votes

Hi Stephan,

I personally use this one. The project is maintained by one of my colleagues here in Atlassian and despite not being officially supported by us, it's pretty reliable. I'm sure it's a good starting point.


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