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How to turn on case sensitivity on case-insensitive platforms

Robert Pollard April 17, 2018



I actually have 2 problems that I want to ask about but I think they may be related to case.

Problem #1:

We have a developer that decided to use the same name of another file for their code with the exception of using a different case for the name.

For clarity, and the exact situation, there are 2 files named:



Linux sees these are 2 different files but apparently Git does not.  The resulting action by Git is seen in the following status listing:

#       modified:   inbox_Process.ksh

#       copied:     inbox_Process.ksh -> inbox_process.ksh

So, Git copies and replaces the lowercase version of the named file with the uppercase version.  We have tried to get the developers to fix this but it's not an easy fix as the changes to the name would require changes in many other areas that aren't shell script related.


Problem #2:

In addition to having case issues with the above 2 files, a third file is affected by this case related issue as well as the following listing illustrates:

#       modified:   inbox_Process.ksh

#       copied:     inbox_Process.ksh -> inbox_process.ksh

#       renamed:    inbox_Process.ksh -> inbox_process.ksh.partitiondate.lisa


So, the case issue may or may not be causing the rename issue but there is a file named "inbox_process.ksh.partitiondate.lisa" in the same directory that Git thinks should be renamed to.

This is all in a local repo cloned from a remote repo where the "inbox_process.ksh" file does not exist.  We are in the process of updating master with the files in production to re-establish the history for all release branches and did not realize Git had wiped out "inbox_process.ksh" in production.


I have tried setting core.ignorecase false, which is the default, removed the files and moved them back in and it did not make a difference.

Any ideas how to make Git see files that have the same name but different case as different files?

Any idea why Problem #2 is occurring?



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