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How is the remote agent "sidekick" container specified when using the Per Build Container plugin?

Jason Templeman June 25, 2020

I recently had the PBC plugin installed by our IT department.  The sidekick image has been created via the script and stored in our registry but not sure where it is used/referenced within Bamboo.  

As an end user, I only have access to edit my plans.  I see the addition of the PBC plugin in the isolate build area under the Docker tab and when I select it I see a field to enter a Docker image.  The text above the field states "The build is picked up by an agent specially created for the current run and discarded afterwards. The agent will be based on a Docker Image provided."  This seems to suggest that the sidekick image should go here but the text below the field says "Docker image to use by the build's tasks. It has to provide all capabilities required by tasks." which seems to indicate the custom image I created that contains my build environment.  The Agent Size field also seems to indicate that this field is for the sidekick image.

That being said, I was told that all the builds would "potentially" use the same sidekick image and if that is the case I wouldn't expect to have to configure it for every single job therefore I'm confused as to where the two images are specified and what goes into this Docker image field.  As I understand it there are two containers in the pod with the first one being the sidekick image and the other my build environment image therefore I would expect that if the sidekick image does have to be specified per job (not good as we have lots of jobs) there were be two field for image configuration and not just one.  

Now there is a section for Additional containers to run but my understanding is that would be for a third container in the pod.

It seems to me that there should be a configuration option somewhere (maybe on the server side so I cannot see it) to indicate the location of the sidekick image so that the plan only has to enter the location for the image actually performing the tasks.  Can someone please shed some light at to where the sidekick and my build environment images are referenced?

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Jason Templeman July 1, 2020

Was able to confirm with those who have access that the PBC sidekick image is specified with the configuration of this plugin.

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