Docker container working directory mounting problem

Li December 10, 2021

Hey guys,

I am new to docker container and bamboo. And I am trying to use them to build my FPGA project.

Until recently I was using LXC container with bamboo and everything worked. Now I want to use docker container instead.
The configuration of docker is shown in the following figure:


It seems that docker run has mounted the correct volumes:


My FPGA project source files are also successfully checked out:


In order to make sure that it is the correct directory I have added a "pwd" command in a script task and it showed the correct directory:


Now it should compile the FPGA project using a script in the working directory, which is shown above. But it complains that the script is not to be found.


I think the working directory is somehow not correctly mounted and I have found this page about this issue: 

Since I am using absolute host path volume mounting, I think the first solution mentioned in the page may be suitable. 

  • stop container
  • create a host path identical to Bamboo home path, for example /opt/atlassian-bamboo/agent-home
  • copy Bamboo home to a newly created directory (for example from /root/bamboo-volume to  /opt/atlassian-bamboo/agent-home)
  • start Bamboo server (agent) container with a new volume mount binding: -v /opt/atlassian-bamboo/agent-home:/opt/atlassian-bamboo/agent-home

But I don't know how to do the steps in bamboo job configurator based on web browser. Can anyone give me some tipps?


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Li December 13, 2021

Can some one help me?

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