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Differences between "Restricted Admin" and "Admin" Global permissions

Jeff Behl June 25, 2015

What's the difference between these two level of global permissions?  In the documentation I find, well...let's just call it less-than-precise information:

"Restricted admin - perform some administration operations and view all plans in Bamboo"

"some" is rather nebulous.  Thanks

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Max Blackmer August 17, 2018

Below is and excerpt from (

  • Restricted admin - perform some administration operations and view all plans in Bamboo; this role excludes permissions that directly influence the host on which the Bamboo Server is located, however, all plan administration and agent administration is available to restricted admins.
  • Admin - perform all operations and view all plans in Bamboo.

A Restricted admin can work with all plans but can not change host impacting changes. (i.e. can't install plugins or change system settings for the Bamboo.)

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Michał Ciania January 4, 2016

here may be the answer:

The Restricted Administrator Role global permission is equivalent to the Admin global permission but has the following restrictions:

  • Local agents cannot be created because Atlassian Cloud only uses elastic agents.
  • Users and groups are managed by Atlassian Cloud.
Jeff Behl January 4, 2016

Thanks, but I wasn't clear: this is for an on-premise installation, not cloud

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