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Detecting errors during build and deployment scripts

dguisinger June 25, 2020


I'm working on a client's build server (a on prem Bamboo install) and the person who originally set it up never got the build and deployment scripts to detect errors from MSBuild or when deploying over the network.


This often leads to us deploying incomplete projects as a microservice may have failed to build, or sometimes our IIS reset doesn't clear file locks or we lose permissions to overwrite our Citrix applications.    If you are watching the logs as they fly by, the errors are highlighted in red, but the scripts don't fail and Bamboo says either the build or the deploy was successful.

I am not that familiar with Bamboo myself.  Does anyone have any good resources or tips for this particular issue and how I could go about resolving it?




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Bloompeak Support
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June 25, 2020

Hi @dguisinger ,

If it is linux bash script you should set 'set -e' parameter, so that the script will exit on error.

set -e# Any subsequent(*) commands which fail will cause the shell script to exit immediately

If it is Window PowerShell script, you should set $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop" parameter.

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