Can a Bamboo Plugin manipulate the build command(s)?

I am trying to write a Bamboo plugin that will automatically manipulate the build commands, in order to automatically instrument them and capture various logs and outputs in order to run static analysis.

I see that there used to be a CommandDecorator class available to the plugins, but not available in latest Bamboo.

I could alternatively just find source code in the working directory and analyze that, like other plugins must do, but that has the disadvantage of not following the build as it downloads dependencies from various places (not typically stored in the working directory). This lowers the precision and accuracy of analysis.

The only alternative I can think of is requiring /some/ manual configuration of the user's build commands, and then the plugin would pick that up and do the remaining actions automatically... But that doesn't feel like a good user experience.


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You might want to ask this question over at where there are a bunch of other addon developers like us. :)

That said,

It depends on what you're trying to do. One approach might be to write a new Task that wraps the CommandTask (or whichever task you're wanting to instrument). 

Depending on what you're doing though - you could just write a PostJob module:

That way you can get hold of the logs and instrument them there.

You can also do a Pre-Job approach:

and just edit the build contexts on the fly that way... But that might be slightly painful.


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